New appreciation and hair products !!


So I’m back again me being the thinker that I am has millions of thoughts a day but yet I fail to post on here regular enough. But to the rescue is the wonderful WordPress app on my phone yay, now I can blog till my heart is content. Right down to business…..because I get bored veryyyy easy I decided to try some new products (even though its only like a month since the last lot) I reallllyy wanted to try shea moisture and I must say I love them (apart from my straight ends who don’t love them).

Since going au naturel products with less rubbish in them have been more appealing to me. Using pure oils like olive and mango butter and making my own deep conditioners I LOVE it all. I’m still madly crazy in love with my HAIR! If only I knew what I know now then, I would be the queen of hair but all I really want to be is the queen of my hair. The main thing is I found strength and confidence to embrace what was given to me. OWN ITTT WORK ITTT!!



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