ORS Curls unleashed Product review!!

Hey there this is my first product review YAY for me!!

So after about 5 months of trying out hair products which hasn’t been cheap I have found my way to a line by ORS Curls Unleashed which have a much nicer price tag. I tried the all natural hair product route but to be honest I didn’t see much of a difference and plus I was becoming bored (code for lazy) of the home-made deep conditioners. I have tried the Shea moisture line which my hair point blank DOES NOT LIKE and co-washing just isn’t for me. So let me now tell you about this lil bunch…..They aren’t all natural but they do have some good ingredients in the first 5 which is always good as you know there is a decent amount in there. So first up we have……

ORS Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather Sulphate Free Shampoo – When I first used this shampoo I wanted to shout from the roof tops but then I remembered sometimes a first use can not reflect how the product actually is.

APPEARANCE: This looks like an everyday regular shampoo clear in colour with a nice fresh clean scent.

PROS: This shampoo makes your hair soooooo soft almost feels like there is no need to follow up with a conditioner. This shampoo costs £4.79 for a 12fl oz which is a BARGAIN, also you don’t really need to use a lot as it lathers up very easy.

CONS: It is not an all natural product but hey it does the job, as this suds up quite quickly and lots it takes AGES to rinse out which can lead to impatience.

After searching for a decent shampoo that doesn’t dry my hair out I have definitely found my staple shampoo.

Next up we have…..

ORS Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturising Conditioner – First impression not a big fan of the smell it was very strong and got to my chest a bit.

APPEARANCE: This has a thick ish consistency bright green with a strong scent.

PROS: To be honest I don’t really have anything good to say about this conditioner. Maybe just the size and price as its a 12fl oz jar and it is £6.59.

CONS: The scent was very over powering, it didn’t seem to do anything in the way of conditioning my hair seemed a bit pointless.After the shampoo leaves my hair soft and then once I follow up with this it seemed to take the softness away.

Would not purchase this again.

We also have….

ORS Curl Unleashed No Boundaries Curl Defining Creme – First impressions nice and light and fresh scent.

APPEARANCE: Light yellow in colour, pudding like consistency and a fruity scent.

PROS: Melts into the hair very easy and is not heavy, also doesn’t leave build up. Comes in a very big 16fl oz jar for £6.59 which is excellent as it will last for ages.

CONS: Can leave hair dry if some other sort of moisturiser isn’t used with it.

May purchase again if I can find the right product to combine it with.

So all in all the shampoo is the winner for me I will most definitely hold on to that one! GOT TO KEEP ON TRYING!!



2 thoughts on “ORS Curls unleashed Product review!!

    • Stylisoulstar says:

      Hi hun sorry I took so long to reply. thank you I really appreciate it..I haven’t used products in ages I may revisit them.. my fave was the shampoo. I will check out your vid 🙂

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