1 Year Transitioning Hair Anniversary!!!

Hey I am back again!!

Okay so time has passed me by oh so quickly so quickly that I didn’t realise it had been one year since I stopped texturising my hair. I been so caught up on finding my staple hair products and contemplating whether to cut it totally slipped my mind.

For me I had always been pretty big on hair but not my hair being healthy and never about the products I was using. I just had so many different styles which eventually I ran out of them and became bored. I had done everything you could think of colour, straight, curly, extensions, braids with beads (alicia keys style) and singles. The only thing left to do was cut it short which is what I did in July 2009…So this time last year I was in that I’m growing my hair out from a pixie cut I had you know the one that everyone has done at some point. But like everything else I got bored of that. So in theory I have been growing my hair for 2 and half years now! But only been natural for a year. Even though I have worn my hair natural from time to time it has never been for more than a few weeks at a time. Guess I didn’t know how to handle it..

The whole going natural thang was never on purpose I just got bored of the whole process so I didn’t cut it anymore and I didn’t texturise. Its funny because the texturiser wasn’t to straighten my hair it was to relax my curls a bit (MUST OF BEEN CRAZY) because now I want nothing but CURLS. I then moved onto not blow drying my hair and no straightening I think this is when it really started growing.

So what has ones self learnt about this crazy fuzzy curly wirly stuff on top of my head….

1.Well heat is definitely not my friend but maybe a few times a year, but saying that my hair doesn’t actually go bone straight, as soon as the air hits it it’s back to FLUFF!

2. Co- washing is not for her at all, even though it’s potentially putting moisture in my hair it just doesn’t respond well to water without shampoo in the mix.

3. Water in a spray bottle hmm again she doesn’t really like but mix some oil and leave in I can kind of get away with it.

4. Twist outs are my best friend don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t put some big old twists in my hair.

5. My hair has many different identities they consist of tight curls, loose curls, wooly fro curls and just down right straight pieces. It’s funny because I feel that these different parts of hair represent the part of me.

Tight curls- I’m very homely and family orientated I like to be close to my loved one all ice and tight.

Loose curls- This is my laid back side which is seen very rarely.

Wooly fro curls- this is the part where my mind is just out of control for no apparent reason.

There are plenty more lessons to be learnt.

So all in all my hair and the love is growing everyday it’s getting bigger and bigger and I LOVE IT!!!!




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