Wash day routine!!

Now who looks forward to wash day?? not me I mean I love love love my HAIR if you didn’t know already. That whole fresh set of curls and clean slate is great but I think sometimes I’m just LAZY. Now it has took some time but I have sussed out a routine that doesn’t take too long and 90% of the time I get the results I want.

Just thought I would show my wash routine in the different stages so here it goes!!

Just about to wash my hair from a 3 or 4 day old twist out.

My hair all freshly washed now loaded with conditioner sitting on my hair nicely.

I rinse my hair until all the conditioner is out and then its time to put on MR TURBIE, don’t I look sexy!!

So once some of the water has gone from my hair I section my into four and clamp them with clips.

I then apply my leave in, styler and oil to seal.

I always twist my hair when its washed if I don’t I end up with BIG FRIZZ we likey frizz but not straight away.

I put my hair in two large twists at the back on either side and then two flat twists at the front either side.

Then in the morning I rub coconut oil on my hands and separate my twists and fluff!!

aquí estamos

Here is one I made earlier 🙂

 I usually get the same results every time except the past two washes (don’t ask) providing I don’t change my products too much its all good.

Since I was determined to learn how to flat twist I was doing it in no time it definitely gives me more definition in the front of my hair where the curls aren’t as tight.

Products used for this wash: Curls unleashed lavish in lather shampoo, Beautiful Textures rapid repair, Beautiful Textures leave in, Beautiful Textures moisture butter, As I am double butter and coconut oil.

Remember routines are good so long as you see progress within in them.

Love yourself and say it with me BIG HAIR I DON’T CARE!

P.S I promise I do smile so don’t mind the pouting face :p



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