My Hair Journey/History!!

This major subject has been on my mind for quite some time now and I thought it was about time for me to address my hair story and my thoughts on my hair past.

I was born a light skinned, light brown curly haired button nosed girl. I know I was a curly top and my hair was silky and light but as you know the afro always kicks in at some point. I never really remember my hair say under the age of about 7-8 I think its because I wasn’t a girly girl and I just wasn’t bothered.

Looking back I don’t really remember much of the hair process when I was say under 10 years old. I know my mum would out my hair up or french braid it which I would wear for a few days. I would end up looking like no one owned me, but as a young girl hair wasn’t a big deal to me. I can’t really remember the washing my hair part but I remember the blow drying, good ol pink moisturiser and the single plaits.

I don’t know how I or mum had the patience to sit down and braid all this hair of mine (oh and my lil sis). I remember from about 9 years old wearing my hair wild ‘n’ free and not giving a damn even though I was the only mixed girl in the school I still didn’t care (why should I). I knew I had a lot of hair on my head and quite long, but what I didn’t know was that it was curly. I just remember always having big bushy hair which never bothered me not one little bit.

The day came (I think 1998) it was decided by Mum and Aunty that I would get my hair relaxed. Now when I look back on it I think NOOOO how could they destroy my beautiful soft didn’t even need to be touched curls. At the time I was excited about getting my head done as I had now got into that being a girl who liked their hair did. Also my hair was always bush and frizz so getting the straight sleek hair not wild and frizz gave me the chance to have a different look. My hair wasn’t relaxed for that long a few years maybe I had then decided myself I didn’t want to do it any more, I think 2001 was the last time I relaxed.

Following on from the relaxer I would blow dry and straighten, flat irons became more popular and better quality, heat damage was definitely not taken into consideration. I remember my first pair of straighteners they were the Babyliss ones with the water reservoir on top to produce steam, they were so rubbish but at the time they were the shiznit!

My hair remained just over shoulder length until 2006 it then started to break off, so occasionally I would wear it curly. In about 2007 I started to texturise my hair because my curls were too tight (duh I know) what was I thinking. It funny because now I am dying to banish these straight ends forever.

Eventually I got bored with my hair and decided it was time for a change so in January 2009 I had it cut into a bob, originally I wanted a pixie cut but was too scared. So I thought I would ease myself into the BIG CHOP not all in one go.

In the end 6 months later I went for it and had my hair cut into a pixie I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! Now this would of been a great time to not even texturise it anymore, but this style to me required straight sleek hair.

Another 6 months later me being me I got bored and decided to not get it cut any more so I started to grow it out, but I was still texturising and straightening it with flat irons. I would add clip in extensions from time to time to cover the awkwardness of growing my hair back.

Another 6 months later I then gave up texturising and heat I then started to wear it just tied back a lot and I started to use ponytails. So as you can imagine in the period of time where I was just washing it and letting it air dry and just tying it back it didn’t look cute.

Just scrapping my hair back everyday was the most boring of my history I felt ugly and not my usual quirky self, the ponytails helped a bit but I was never into fake hair looking like fake hair. In this period of time I had a weave put in as I had never had a full weave before only tracks and clips ins which I used to love. This weave was brown and blonde which did suit me but my lil ol sensitive scalp couldn’t cope so 5 days later after paying £50 it had to come out. A waste I know!! NO PICTURE!!

So after this episode I thought RIGHT its TIME to totally embrace my natural hair nurture the stuff that comes out my scalp and let it be free.  So in November 2011 is where I FINALLY embraced the my curls to the fullest. I didn’t want to put my hair through anymore stress via heat, chemicals and continuous manipulation. The next thing to tackle was the products I was using, what was I actually putting on my hair. I started to research, watch you tube vids and just look at different brands that would suit my hair. So this is when I started my healthier hair journey!!

I look back and I think if only our mothers had better knowledge of how to care for mixed texture hair. I think as my mum always blow dried my hair this was something I carried on, this is what most of us black and mixed girlees do we carry on from what mum does. Whether its hair, cooking or washing etc these are the things we learn and use in life. But now we have the knowledge that our mothers didn’t we can use it and pass on to our children…

So what ever your hair texture embrace it, what ever your skin colour is love it JUST BE YOURSELF!



3 thoughts on “My Hair Journey/History!!

  1. perfectingme says:

    Thanks for the history. You are so right that we do what our mothers did. My youngest daughter is mixed and I would never think to relax her hair now that I know better. Do I wish my hair was like hers? For awhile before I decided to go natural. Now I love my own.

  2. Stylisoulstar says:

    Thanks hun 🙂 @the culture pine I know you giggled 🙂 !!
    @perfectingme well I just wanted to share as it had been on my mind, well kind of always is. yeah your beautiful and so is your daughter au naturel. I think relaxers were an act of desperation back then and now its just become the norm. I know we all like to change ourselves up a little bit ie make up, new clothes, hair colour etc that is fine but we should enhance and embrace not try to totally change. Thats just my opinion 🙂

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