Styli’s Loves!!

So The past week has had some lil events happening so here are some of my loves I just wanted to share!!!

Just look at my GORG lil niece, those chubby cheeks, button nose, curly wurly brown hair and cute brown eyes remind you of someone?!

Yes yes yall I dyed my hairrrrrr!!! O…M…G its been like 3 years since I last dyed my hair and when I did it was rubbish and didn’t even take to my hair. I have been feeling a a bit bored with my lightish brown hair so took the plunge and decided to add a touch of colour….

Not the best of pictures but this colour is VERY reflective and only when the light shines on it, is when you see the colour in all its glory!! What do you think?!..

Look at the cute necklace Mummy gave to me I don’t think I am going to take it off any time soon LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

Save the best till last, on my lil trip to Bham town I visited my grandaddyo in the cemetery. Miss him lots isn’t he a cutie!!

What ever it is you like or love let it be known and share it (unless its chocolate or cake) hehe 🙂



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