The Events of my year so far!!

Okay just so you all don’t think I’ve gone off into YouTube land just wanted to do a post and just look at where I am right now. So far this year has flown by  I was 25 this year which still shocks me even now as I remember being 18 and finishing college (ahhh those were the days). We are in September and she will soon be no where to be found and then soon enough the year will of ended and I will be 26 OMG!!

This year I have been pretty much caught up in a hair craze and hair products but you know what I LOVE IT and wish I had been doing it sooner. All because of this journey I have decided to take, I have learnt sooooo much not only about my hair but about myself. A part of myself has been hi lighted even more and that is when I say things I may not do it that second, minute, day or week but I ALWAYS end up doing what I said I would. As for my hair journey I am so happy that I am embracing the true me, not thinking that I have to look a certain way. I think a lot of us don’t realise that we are not fully being ourselves until we step out of the bubble, but something has to pop that bubble before we see it.

This year I have experienced some great events ones that I didn’t know existed, even more so a community that I didn’t know existed. In result of these events I have met some lovely people and new friendships have sprouted. I have taken part in the AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY SHOW which for years me and mum have wanted to attend but never have. I also took part in a photo shoot for a hair brand which was fun.

Check me out doing my thang in the videos below!!

So this year not have I only got on my blogging game I have now started to doing VIDEOS which I LOVE!! So you definitely aren’t getting rid of me any time soon.

Always take time to reflect and see where you are right now so you understand where you are going!!



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