Transitioning is no joke and for you ladies who are on that journey you know how hard it is to be caught between two places CURLY GROWTH Vs STRAIGHT ENDS!!! Believe me the straight end look is not cute but there are many ways to over come that. I think whether you BC (big chop) or transition its just as hard as you are getting to know your natural hair.

Me going natural was never on purpose so I kind of accidently transitioned for about 7 months (I think). I then decided to wear my hair au natural no heat what so ever. Now as most of my hair curls and then I have those straight ends lurking, all I want to do is chop them off. But I stay strong and I find ways to make them look like the rest of my hair.


My bestest friend style wise are TWIST OUTS, I absolutely love em in my opinion this is the best way to style when transitioning. This style gives you a uniform curl all over, in my case I have tight at the back of my hair and looser curls on top. So by doing a twist out I can make all my hair almost look the same all over. Twists outs are good on damp/wet hair so you can work your products in and then twist to avoid frizz with more defined curls. Twist out can be done on dry hair but I find with the straight ends the twists don’t stay twisted.

There are other good transitioning styles like braid outs, bantu knots, flat twist etc

Flat Twists is another FAVE style of mine, this is good to keep your ends tucked away and to keep the moisture in the hair. This style is very quick and simple take about 10 minutes ( I shall be posting a how to video). Also protective styling is very important in your styling regime, as the hair is vulnerable and especially in Autumn/winter when its colder. It is good to have those ends tucked away as much as possible but still giving them the moisture they need.


Sulphate free shampoo – I try to stay away from sulphates as the hair is fragile with the two textures and could dry the hair out.

Suggested sulphate free shampoo – ORS Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather sulphate free shampoo.

Conditioners – Now there are lots of debates about whether or not “cones” (silicones) should be in a conditioner. In my opinion they can help to smooth and condition the hair and can be washed out with low poo (mild surfactants) SIMPLES. Its down to you to decide on whether your hair likes silicone or not. I am currently doing a NO SILICONE challenge for a few weeks to see how my hair is without it.

Suggested Conditioners – Tresemme naturals or any of the Tresemme conditioners

Extra virgin olive oil – This works perfectly on it own just apply to hair when wet leave on and then rinse off.

Leave ins – A good leave in will help to add to the moisture after you wash your hair, you want it to condition, have slip and help seal in moisture.

Suggested Leave ins – Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave in Conditioner

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing lotion

Moisturiser/Styler – Now you may want to just stop at a leave in but I always opt for this step. I will apply a cream based styler or you may be a gel girl.

Suggested moisturisers/stylers – Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie this can be a bit heavy so be light with it. Eco styler or Curls Unleashed curl boosting jelly.

Oils – This can be your last step to seal your ends or you can apply an oil before your leave in.

Suggested oils – My two faves Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


You don’t want to be using too much sulphate to wash your hair, some people don’t have a problem with sulphates but it is always good to use a lower surfactant. In terms of moisturisers or leave ins ( can be the same thing) I think it is best to use lighter products on your straight ends, as they may not be able to take on heavier ingredients, but if your hair is very porous you can use something heavier like a butter. I like to use a leave in and then something like Beautiful textures moisture butter or As I Am double butter on top. These products are butters but they aren’t that heavy and give a wicked twist out DEFINED and SHINE!! I like to seal my ends with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil as they don’t weigh my hair down but need to be careful of how much you use.

It is important to have a routine and it will help with your transition.


It is important to build a regime and try to stick to it as best you can. I can’t tell you when,why or how to wash your hair as you will see what works best but I can give some tips!!

pre poo (optional) + wash + condition + moisturise + seal (VERY IMPORTANT)

oil + shampoo + conditioner + leave in + moisturiser/styler (optional) + oil 

Wash once a week ( also a mid week co wash could help) I was washing my hair mid week about at the one year mark in my transition. You can also add in a pre poo with some oils which you apply before you wash your hair. This helps get the hair ready for the shampoo if you aren’t using a sulphate free shampoo, but you can do this no matter what shampoo you use.

Deep condition once a week THIS IS A MUST, some people deep condition once every two weeks as they may not want to overload with moisture.

Moisturise twice daily if you feel you hair needs it so spritz with water apply your moisturiser of choice and some oil.

Trimming now that is totally up to you, I don’t have a set time I just trim my ends when I feel it needs it. But they do recommend every 6 to 8 weeks, also not to trim wet hair as it is at its weakest then.

Basically transitioning, natural or just hair can be hard work but very rewarding when the hard you put in shows. You can create some AMAZE styles with your hair and with the right products ,knowledge and processes it can become easier and a lot more fun.

So stay STRONG keep researching, keep experimenting and love your hair!!



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