Home made Winter Deep conditioner!!

So its the Autumn/Winter time the temperature is slowly dropping and there is one thing on my mind MY HAIR!! Yes life is not just about hair but as with everything else in life that I want to achieve I have to put the hard work in.

This would be the description of my hair if written in the dictionary.

THE HAIR- She is dry and non porous frizzes up very easily and is VERY light and fluffy. She does what ever she feels and is a DIVA who demands something but when it is given to her she can easily refuse it.

Yeah so you see what I am working with here, so given the description I need something that is hydrating, moisturising and just damm good for this hurr of mine!!

Okay so from time to time I will play around with different home made hair treatments such as deep conditioners. One I have found that makes my hair soft and feel strong is the one I am going to tell you about in like 1 minute 🙂

Conditioner, Alma powder, Coconut milk and Honey.


2tbsp of your fave conditioner or (one that you are trying to get rid of is good)

Half a can of coconut milk (you can buy small ones which would be enough for one DC. LIGHT PROTEIN)

1tbsp of Extra virgin olive oil (good for the scalp)

1tbsp Avocado oil (helps dry, brittle and damamged hair, helps to lock in moisture)

1tbsp Castor oil (helps to retain moisture)

1 or 2 tbsp Amla powder (nourishes the hair and scalp)

1 tbsp of honey (raw honey is good) ( adds shine and is a humectant)

TIP – If you have thick hair you can adjust the measurements to fit you hair needs.

MAKING – Take all of these ingredients pour them out into a bowl and mix well. I don’t usually measure what I am putting in but it can help to not waste an ingredients if not needed.

APPLICATION – Apply on your hair prior to cleansing or after which ever one works best for you. Apply the DC in small sections start from the middle of your hair and work your way down to the ends ( I will put mine in a twist once applied). Once the whole of your head is done revisit the ends with a little more as they need the extra care.

TIME AND PROCESS – When I am not using my thermal turban wrap to intensify the  DC I usually apply two shower caps and a turbie as this generates some heat from my body. I generally leave mine on for an hour with or without heat.

RINSE OUT – I rinse out the conditioner with luke warm water for about 5 mins to make sure it is all gone, sometimes I add a touch of my conditioner and run the water through my hair. The last few minutes of rinsing I use cold water (painful) but is good for sealing in the moisture as it closes the pores and cuticles. Rinsing in cold water also makes your hair shine!!


Your hair should feel soft and moisturised, once your all rinsed you can add your fave leave in and oil to seal. In regards to the oils used in making the DC you can change them to fit what your hair likes but definitely try the three listed.

I shall carry on using this DC maybe once every two weeks, the weeks in between I will just use conditioner on its own with some oil.


Something made from scratch can be very satisfying!!!

x LB x


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