Straight hair y’all!!

For those of you who didn’t know I had my hair straightened back in December 2012 just before crimbo. This post is probably a bit late but I still wanted show you guys, as this is something I rarely do.

So if you have recently taken the plunge and you have ditched the relaxers, texturisers and you have hung up the straighteners/blow dryer. Straight hair may be a very distant memory or your still getting used to those curls. Now in my case I feel weird and almost not myself without my curls I’m love them to bits. Also seeming as I don’t use heat at all the closest I get to straight hair is at the end of the week when it’s all stretched out from twists, braids, buns and pineapples.

The last time I had my hair straight was May 2012 and before that October 2012,between those times my hair seemed to of grown a lot. Having your hair straight or blown out can really shock you as when you wear your hair curly shrinkage occurs most of the time. So you never actually see your real length as the hair is hiding.

Now let’s get to bidness… So Monday 17th december I decided it was time I go to get a trim/cut, as I couldn’t afford the whole shabang (wash, treatment and roller set). I thought let me just get a trim the treatment part I can definitely do myself. Due to my long transition from the texturiser and heat my ends are extremely fragile. So I took myself to my old stylist with my hair in some flat twists, the aim was to get it cut with it curly.



He wanted to straighten it so he could see the damage, now I automatically freaked out I have become so protective of my hair you see. Also I never intented to get my hair straightened that day so there was no prep done (protein and moisture deep treatments). The thought of those hot irons on my fragile locks did make me feel a bit uneasy. BUT I did want to see how long it was as it had been 7 months since I had last straightened it.

Anyhow he sectioned and straightened my hair (no heat protectant added) let’s not get into that part. So all straightened and I was amazed felt like I had my extensions clips in that I used to use but this time it was all mine :).

My hair hasn’t been this long since I was 18 or even 9 or 10. You know I had to get some snaps in …..

PhotoGrid_1355750317806_picbeauty_Dec 17 2012 pm 1 19

All in all it’s been a nice change but I’m welcoming back my curlies after some much needed pampering.

I’m 3 and half months away from my BC (big chop) so that means the next time is I’ll straighten will be in May 2013. Im hoping for another 2 inches growth so that means a lot protective styling between now and May 2013.

If you want a change from your curls and you want to straighten just make you do a protein and deep moisture treatment before hand and use a heat protectant.

Change is good!!



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