As I Am Coconut Cowash!!


So it has been about 20 months that I have been on this healthier hair journey. I have been learning my hair and finding products that work well with my hair. One problem I have encountered is finding a good shampoo with good ingredients and benefits. I have used sulfate shampoos which did a good job at cleaning my hair, but then I would have to deal with the dryness of my hair. I used sulfate free shampoos and shampoo bars, but these either dry my hair out even more or don’t clean my scalp good enough. I also tried the whole co washing thing but my scalp didn’t appreciate it and my hair didn’t feel clean.

Then along came As I Am CoWash……..

Now I spent £12.99 on this and I was a bit sceptical as I didn’t want to do anymore big purchases. I have previously spent over £10 on a products and it hasn’t worked out, as you all know this goes in the rejects box (so annoying).

After the second time of using it I was SOLD SOLD SOLD!!

If I was to co wash with a standard conditioner it just would not work, but this AMAZE pot of goodness does the trick. It cleanses and moisturises and doesn’t leave me with an itchy scalp.



USAGE – So when I use this product I will use it once a week but once I am more active than twice a week. I would say this product is gentle enough to use daily if that if your lifestyle.

APPLICATION – I will use this after I have done a pre poo with oils, I then throughly wet my hair. I then apply this to my scalp all over. I will then spent a few mins massaging my scalp not to hard though. I can just do one rinse but I usually go in twice with this co wash just to make sure.

APPEARANCE & CONSISTENCY – This product has quite a thick and creamy consistency and rinsed very easily.

After 4 or 5 generous uses!

After 4 or 5 generous uses!


SIZE – 16oz/454g tub this for me a pretty decent size for the price and considering I do use quite a lot each time it seems to be lasting.

PRICE & VALUE – price on the ground (UK) is £12.99, online it is cheaper but then you have to pay shipping on top. I would say that this product is worth the price as it is a decent size and does what it says on tin.

All in all I LOVE this product and I will most definitely be keeping it around!!

Don’t be afraid to try something new, if it doesn’t work out for you then at least you are that bit wiser for the next time.





5 thoughts on “As I Am Coconut Cowash!!

  1. TheGirl says:

    I was actually just looking at this product, the reason I’m not sold on it, is because of the ingredients…there is a lot of alcohol in it….

    • Stylisoulstar says:

      There are only two alcohols in this product and they are both fatty alcohols not the harsh drying kind. They help to give the hair a soft feel, thicken the product and allow the product to spread throughout the hair.

      • TheGirl says:

        Hhhhmmmm….yeh the cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alchol? Because they were very high up on the ingredient list, # 1 and #3 from what I remember.

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