Still have your cake and eat it!

So healthy eating these days can seem like a chore, hard work and just way to expensive but to be honest its only as hard as you make it. I have been eating healthier for some time now cutting out sweet stuff, fast food and anything I don’t benefit from. So a lot more fruit, veg and trying out new ideas and I must say that I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Now with the whole eating healthy thing comes the whole having to give up things you may have loved to eat before. But to be honest you don’t have to actually CUT OUT the things you love, you can just adapt!!


For instance PIZZA… now we all know this is deadly, apart from any veggies you may have as a topping you are not gaining any good benefits.  So although it may taste real good and be very satisfying to the taste buds, it can be very high in calories and fat. Now I do like a pizza myself and I love cheese so I decided to experiment at making a healthier version….

Homemade Pizza!!

Homemade Pizza!!

So how did I make a pizza healthier you ask?! Well first of all I made the base wholemeal way more nutritious than a white flour base. I used sun-dried tomato paste as the sauce, if you wanted to make your own tomato base you can. As the tasty toppings I added mushroom, onion, red and green chillies, chicken, low-fat mozzarella and a little bit of salami. If you’re not so fussed about cheese on your pizza you could take the mozzarella off totally.

Lets just say I LOVED this little creation of mine and shall being doing it again soon!! 🙂


My next little food venture was ICE CREAM, now this is usually full of sugar and cream (sometimes it’s not even real cream). But if you buy good quality ice cream it will normally have those ingredients in there. I never used to really eat ice cream that often I was more of a chocolate and cake kinda girl. So if your like me and have a sweet tooth and you have cut out the SWEET STUFF this could do the trick. This recipe is so simple I found it on the net and added my own little twist….


1 – So if you want something sweet and good for you, freeze some of you FAVE fruit ( i.e banana, strawberry and mango).

2 – Next pick whether you want to use almond or coconut milk.

3 – Throw it all in the blender and HEY PRESTO you got yourself some yummy ice cream 🙂

Tip: if you don’t want to eat all the ice cream you could save it for the next day and make a breakfast smoothie!!

I ABSOLUTELY love eating healthy and I love coming up with new ideas and finding alternatives to our naughty FAVES!!

Sometimes you don’t have to change you just have to ADAPT!!



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