Lipstick LOVE!!!

IMAG2499My love for the block of colour that coats your lips and makes them pop has only grown stronger. I just love me some lippy…. bright, bold and matte are my fave elements of a lippy. Some of y’all have seen my lastest shades and wondered what they are so I thought I would show you my current LIPSTICK LOVES!!

Hope you likey 🙂

Rimmel 1

Now thought I would start off with a nice bright coral/red, maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice but I will also show a swatch.

This colour is fun, bold and sexy with a slick of black eyeliner and mascara you will look a million dollars. This colour is perfect for the spring if you want to brighten up your make up and stand out.

APPLICATION – This lipstick is also matte very lightweight and the application is very smooth.

MOISTURE – This lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips but doesn’t add moisture either. It doesn’t really bother me as I can add something underneath if need be.

FINISH – Matte

COLOUR PAY OFF – the pigment is amazing and is very true to colour.


OVERALL – I give this 9/10 the colour is AMAZE, price FAB and the finish is matte my fave 🙂

Rimmel 2

This is my FAVE colour of the time whether its clothes, shoes make up and jewellery love it all. When i first purchased this I didn’t wear it much (please tell me why) but now I just LOVE IT.

This is a gorgeous deep plum that is very flattering on many shades of skin, a simple eye is best with this and I think is a HOT all year round shade.

APPLICATION – This lipstick is also matte very lightweight and the application is very smooth just like the first lipstick.

MOISTURE – This lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips but doesn’t add moisture either. It doesn’t really bother me as I can add something underneath is need be.

FINISH – Matte

COLOUR PAY OFF – The pigment is GORG you don’t need to layer on the colour much and it is very true to colour.


OVERALL –  I give this lovely lippy 10/10 simply because I love it more than the other colour and I just feel sexy wearing it 🙂

Mac lippie

So a long with my red and plum shades I do like my pinks very much, I see them more as a day to day colour and easy to wear.

This shade of pink stands out but is also subtle, it has a lavender hint to it so appears more to the purple side. This is a pretty spring time pink and I think this could be paired with a bright eye or just simple black cat flicks.

APPLICATION – this doesn’t glide on like the other two lippies as it is a thicker formula and is a SATIN.

MOISTURE – This lipstick has some moisture and I don’t have a problem with dryness when using this.

COLOUR PAY OFF – This is very true to colour paying £14 for a lippy that should be a given.

OVERALL – I give this 8/10 as i have other faves and I know I can get a better lippy for less money.

Avon lippie

I know I know your probably thinking isn’t this the same colour as the second one!! Well it is very close but this shade seems to be more on the purple side of plum and the first lippy on the red side of plum. Let me just say that this was a BARGAIN!!!

This is a very sexy deep shade of plum more to the purple side and is perfect all year round with a smokey eye or a splash of colour.

APPLICATION – This glides on easy enough but is just a tad heavier than the other matte lipsticks. Also it can cake up if you put too many layers on.

MOISTURE – I found that this was okay for moisture.

COLOUR PAY OFF – Very pigmented and true to colour you wont be dissappointed.

OVERALL – I give this 8.5/10 as I am just crazy for thsi shade right now.



Just incase the colours were not clear enough in the picture I have put up some swatches for y’all. The only colour that doesn’t look quite right is RIMMEL 110 it is much brighter and more pigmented than in the pic. 

I will continue to collect more AMAZE, FAB and GORG shades of lippy to tell y’all about 🙂

EMBRACE what you love and have fun with it!!



2 thoughts on “Lipstick LOVE!!!

  1. La_Belle_Aventure (@Belle_Aventure) says:

    Love the Rimmel London Kate – 107 , the colour is beautiful and suits you alot , I can see why it is your favourite.

    Envious of your hairstyle in that picture, its gorgeous!

    Will definitely have to purchase to add to my growing lipstick collection.

    • Stylisoulstar says:

      Yeahhhhh I really love that colour and stays on for ages. You defo should pick some up. ahh thanks hun sweet of you to say… that hairstyle was an accident btw haha x

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