Life isn’t ready made!!


I wanted to talk about something a bit different for this post, things can get a little bit materialistic around here and I feel we live in a materialistic world where happiness is built on what you have or can obtain. We live in a time and place where we want things quick (READY MADE), we want to press a button and it just appear out of nowhere. Or we want to work for it but expect the journey to not be so hard, but even if you get your dream the struggle still continues. You have to stay current, be observant, have new ideas and always be on the ball.


First port of call….


Now this is something that you never really take seriously until say about university time (that is if you go). In my opinion you have ideas throughout primary/secondary school of what you want to be, but when you HAVE to get serious is when you start putting things into play.


Society has painted this picture that you go to school, college, university and you graduate then magically get this dream job. Now maybe the 80s and 90s this was more so possible then, but the current time reflects what is possible now.


Realistically you don’t just fall into a ‘dream job’ the hard work continues even after you have collected that scroll of paper. University doesn’t guarantee you a job but what does do is it exposes you to the possibilities and opportunities. It is then down to you to seek internships/work placements and just getting your foot in any way you can.


So what happens when you have done it, you are in your dream job role is it all a bed of roses NO!  You still have to work as hard, jump over those hurdles and rise to the challenges. You have to always strive to be bigger and better and never think for one minute that you can STOP!!

There will always be someone else who is just waiting to take your place, ever heard snooze you lose!!!


Some people just want a chance to show what they really can do and never get it. Is that because they didn’t work hard enough to get the opportunity or is it because it passed them by without them knowing. Opportunity comes in many forms, sometimes it can be something that you just don’t want to do. As a result of this you turn it down dismiss it and then you never know where that could have led you. One step always leads you to another, nothing is forever and its the temporary situation that get you through and led you closer to where you want to be.



Yes the tricky icky stuff…..

You bother were strangers once  didn’t even know each other existed till you crossed paths one day. Was you supposed to or just coincidence, you was meant to teach each other something. Whether it was how to love or just to have that person in your life to get to you next step…


This is what we have been told or shown….

You are walking down a street and you catch eyes with you this gorgeous man/woman you smile you stop to say hello and talk. You laugh you smile you swap contact details you go on dates it’s all roses and candles. You end up falling madly in love you get engaged, married, buy a house kids blah blah blah.


Now im not saying that all the above is a fairy tale and there is no way it can’t happen. It seems like people don’t meet on the street these days and the places to meet someone are limited. The thing is not all people want the same things and different situations work for different individuals. In most cases in today’s world one person will like them more than the other, one person can’t commit or be faithful. I really think that people make the whole relationship thing more difficult than it needs to be.  The reality is that yes relationships are not a fairy tale but you do need to build upwards. Like being friends before anything this creates a foundation or making sure that you can communicate with ease and you can stimulate each other with just conversation. The art of talking can be very powerful and is a very strong element in a successful relationship.

Basically you need to build with someone it takes work just like everything else, time and effort need to be the main factors otherwise you may aswell forget it.


Also there is a being ready factor sometimes you want something that you are not yet equip for. Like this perfect man/women comes a long and just wants to sweep you off your feet. The thing is you came out of a serious relationship 6 months ago and you are still hurt from it and in the process of rebuilding yourself. In my opinion you can not give your best self to that person, yes some people say that person could help you in some way . If you are in the process of trying to move on from your past you may not want to bring it into a NEW future!!!



Now what you need to remember is that we were all strangers once we had to get to know our mums, dads, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles etc. No two people will ever live in 100% harmony, yes it can be great but you will have your ups and downs.

These are people who you can take for granted and expect to always be there no matter what….


You and your mum have the best relationship you go shopping for meals, your dad would be granddad sitting in the chair with his grandkids running around. You’re the best of friends with your sister and brother see each other on a regular basis blah blah blah…


People don’t talk to their parent let alone see them or spend any real-time with them. Yes some people don’t even know who their parents are fair enough but the ones that you do don’t even bother. Siblings who hate each other and don’t talk over things that are not even that serious. Fair enough that their life choice and like I said we were all strangers once so if you feel you don’t get on with a person then you stay away.

Friends who don’t make effort to stay in contact or even know whether you are alive or not. Yes why call them friends otherwise, but these days people do their own thing and you touch base whenever. With so much communication technology these days there is no excuse to never not speak to someone, unless you don’t want to.


Now I did say that LIFE is ready-made but HAPPINESS can be…

Happiness is inside you it is something that you only you can let out

It can be triggered by various things …….

A person that said something nice to you , your nephew saying ‘I love you’ or just that nice summers day. Happiness is a vibe, atmosphere and a feeling.

We try to build happiness by obtaining material things clothes, shoes, cars, jewellery etc. Yes these things can make you feel good, but I feel that those things can only make you feel good temporarily. Material things can bring status and feeling like you have things. But put you in a mansion with a Ferrari on the drive and lots of nice things in there but not one piece of Love.

Are you going to be happy??!!


Basically life isn’t ready-made it doesn’t come all packaged in a pretty ribbon, you have to climb mountains, swim oceans and brave the cold butt naked. Even when we get to where we want to be we can’t just put your feet up and say ive done it you still need to keep on working.

You need to live, love, loseexperience, be hurt and be at rock bottom if you don’t how will you learn how to survive.

Life isn’t ready-made it gets handed to in the smallest pieces with no instructions of how to put it together!!



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