Don’t try to guess your future!!


We all do it play the guessing game when it comes to our lives!!

We want to know everything single thing, when, why, who and what. If we are in a situation that we see as bad we want to know when it is going to end and when will the good start.

Example you come out of a relationship which you thought was going to last forever, you had this whole plan of starting a family with this person the whole shebang. Therefore you have simply planned your whole life out with this person, when really you don’t know what is actually going to happen.

Depending on why or how you broke up you may think you will never love again but on the flip side, you also wonder who will you could possibly end up with next. You may even have female/male friends who you are close to and you dream up this whole could I end up with them scenario.  What you are doing is fast forwarding your life and trying to guess, simply not digesting that last lot of information.

The thing is we aren’t supposed to know when certain things are going to happen.

If we did what is the point of living life there would be no excitement, suspense or even struggle. Yes you may see struggle as a negative thing but with struggle comes strength and knowledge. Knowing when things are going to happen and how would also make you unappreciative of that certain something once you have it.

If we have all the answers then we don’t ask questions and if we don’t ask questions we never learn and grow. Knowing when you will meet the love of your life or when you will get that dream job simply takes the novelty of finding it all out.

It’s like a lot of people would like to be rich and buy big houses, cars and other expensive goods. If we were just simply handed them without any hard work or effort then what is the point. If you could just meet a wonderful man/woman and know everything about them, be intimate, meet their parents all on the first date where is the fun in that.

It’s too much all at once!!

Its like learning all of Shakespeare’s work all in one day, that is too much information simply an overload.

When given too much info you don’t take it in and then you can’t use it and has no value to you.

So imagine being given everything you want at once!

Not knowing everything in life gives it meaning and purpose.



One thought on “Don’t try to guess your future!!

  1. TheBeautyHolder! says:

    I really liked this…makes so much sense when you break it down! This face paced life makes us all want answers now! Be able to know what happens next now! I forget that God is the Master of my life and he always has the best in store for me…and everyone! xoxo

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