My So Called “BIG CHOP”!!


So some of y’all know that I was transitioning from a texturiser, I had decided to grow my hair for two years then cut any damaged ends that were left. To be honest it has gone so fast and when I look back I don’t even recognise my hair!!

I had this big count down to my big chop 16th May 2013……

First of all let me say BIG FAT FAIL!!!!

Now let me explain in my opinion texturiser and relaxer are very different, yes they both permanently alter you hair texture BUT…

Texturiser loosens your texture and relaxer straightens your texture, so with a texturiser you can still have some curls in your hair. Now during my texturising days I would from time to time wear my hair curly but my curls were looser.  So fast forward to now all of a sudden in the past few months my hair seems to curl up everywhere, I am sure you know by now that hair can have a mind of its own.

This left me so baffled as to what exactly am I cutting with hardly any straight pieces to cut its hardly a BIG CHOP!! I did have breakage so I decided to just take of 1 or 2 inches in the end as I knew the ends needed to go regardless.


This is to show you how much my texture has changed over the past year May 2012 at the top and May 2013 at the bottom!

Anyway 16th May came and went for some reason I was putting off cutting my hair as I was feeling the shape (some of you thought I had it cut into that shape) also I liked the length TYPICAL!!

PhotoGrid_1369167552495_picbeauty_May 21 2013 pm 9 23

This is how it was looking before I cut it I was going for the 80’s frizzy mullet! 🙂

The picture at the top of this post is straight from cut then freshly washed, I soooooooo wasn’t feeling it when it was first done. Such a fuss pot I know I know!!!


This was when it got bigger through out the week and I was feeling it a bit more. I decided to do a fro-hawk with a twist LOVED IT!!!


Lastly my good old puff for lazy days (my puff actually looks bigger) despite the mini big chop!!

Any whoo just wanted to let y’all know that my ends have been snipped, my curls are popping and despite my whingeing I LOVE MY HURR!!!

I will carry on to look after it deep condition every week, moisture daily (try to) and stay on top of my trims!!

Even though there was no big reveal or surprise I feel my hair has dramatically changed and I am in LOVE!!

All you need is patience, time and a wicked conditioner lol!!! 



4 thoughts on “My So Called “BIG CHOP”!!

  1. Amirah B says:

    Yes staying on top of trims has been my shortcoming. I recently paid the price tho and had to cut a significant amount off after all that time invested. It was for the best tho and I was able to still maintain a good amount of length.


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