Summertime Beverages!!


I don’t know about y’all but summertime is that time where you want a nice refreshing beverage that tastes and looks good!

If you anything like me your not really into alcohol but still want something a little exciting!

Although water is the best option (in my opinion) sometimes you want something with FLAVOUR!

cranberry juice

My beverage suggestions are for when you are at home they are quick, easy and simple. If you are out and about in a restaurant or pub why not try cranberry juice, soda water with ice and a slice very refreshing and tasty!!

citrus and mint water

Now if you want to go the water route then that is great, you can infuse your water with things like lemon, lime, strawberry or even mint. You simply add your ingredients to a jar or jug of water and infuse over night in the fridge simple!!!


For something different with a little more flavour how about some ice tea!!

No I don’t mean the one with lots of sugar just simply a tea of your choice with ice and lemon/lime. I recommend red bush, green tea, peppermint or a fruity tea of some kind.

Now there are two ways of making your ice tea you can use boiling water then let it cool before placing into the fridge. OR you can use cold water to make the tea and let it sit in the fridge for about 6 hours. Which ever method you choose you will need to make it in preparation for you to drink.


 If you would like to make some ice tea you will simply need:


Tea Bag of choice (1 or 2 depending on how strong and how much you are making)

Glass jar or Jug

Lemon or lime wedges



You want to pop a tea bag/s into your jar or jug

  Boil your water or take your cold water add it to the jar/jug

If you use boiling water let it cool before putting the tea in the fridge

If you use cold water cover with the lid and put straight in the fridge

You can add a teaspoon of honey if you like just to add a little sweetness

Once it has infused for about 6 hours add ice, lemon or lime wedges and bottoms up!!

This would be a great pitcher for a summertime BBQ and it is pretty simple and easy to make so have a go ENJOY!!!

Whatever the weather just embrace and make the most of it!!



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