Autumn Dreaming 2013!!

autumn dreaming

No I am not wishing Summer away but to be honest it doesn’t look like I need to with this hormonal weather we have been having as of late. You see I am a winter baby at heart yes I like sunshine and feelin hot hot hot, but I just love the wardrobe for the cooler months.

Beanie hats ( providing I can fit all my hair in), slouchy knit jumpers and ankle boots now we are talking. My Summer wardrobe is never really that full I buy only a few pieces because I know that the summer does not last that long.

I am not one to follow trends but here are a few that I am definitely loving and you will see me ROCK!!



I can most definitely dig the black and white get up, classy and sassy with a pop of colour maybe a fluro beanie or neon jumper OMG gorgeous!!



When Autumn/Winter hits us don’t run away from colour we need all the bright and uplifting reinforcements we can get. So rock your monochrome but don’t forget the brights!!



This print is very near and dear to me I have already been rocking this before the mini heatwave in England. This goes well with a lot of colours black, white, brights also with denim, shorts, high tops, Dr M’s you name it. Just throw it together it should have that careless, laid back but funky look going on!!

There are some pieces that I want for this AW13 remember as I said I don’t really follow trends, but these are things you will see me rocking…..

neon beanie


slouchy knit


high tops


Duhhh y’al know I love high stop they are FAVE piece of footwear!!

Make your style your own don’t worry about what other people are doing just do your THANG!!



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