1. The quality or condition of being spontaneous.
2. Spontaneous behavior, impulse, or movement.

Do you just get up and go or do you plan everything down to the last drop?!

Well if your anything like me you don’t just DO THINGS (apart from exercise 🙂 ) you will want to know who when what and why before you even consider it.

Does everything need to be planned beforehand and require of lot of thought before it can happen.
Yes some things are simply impulse like buying that lipstick you saw in that bright pink or deciding to go somewhere at last-minute.
Spontaneous movement is very refreshing from time to time, if you have that 9 to 5 you go to the gym for an hour and always cook dinner at 7pm. Then surely you need something that isn’t the norm and requires some sort of sudden movement.
Being spontaneous enables you to experience things you may not have otherwise.
See things you have never seen and do things you never did!
So take that little trip, go for dinner or just go off by yourself!
Life is mapped out but it is up to you to choose which way to go and why not have some fun whilst doing it!

One thought on “Spontaneity!!

  1. Afrophire says:

    I am definitely a planner while my husband is not lol… But I am so grateful that he isn’t because it’s his crazy spontaneity that gets me outside of my comfort zone and I always end up having the best time. It’s in the spontaneous moments that you feel alive.

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