Hey y’all for a good while now I have been exercising the state of POSITIVITY.

Being positive is something that happens from within you can’t buy it or borrow it. You can be inspired or injected with laughter, but it is you that holds on to that feeling and throws it back out there. Every morning you wake you decide that today will be great and your going to be happy it is your decision to be happy nobody else’s. A lot of the time we blame other people for making us unhappy, sad or hurt and yes that person can spark negative feelings but it is down to you to decide how you react to their actions. Yes we are only human we aren’t always going to be doing back flips and cartwheels we do have our days. We aren’t always going to be bouncing off walls, but if you really wanted to you could.

I think the best approach is to address the situation whatever it may be, let yourself feel but don’t let yourself take that feeling on as your long term state of mind. Now things always sound so easy on paper but guess what being POSITIVE is a hustle and grind just like anything else. Anything easy isn’t worth having in my opinion positivity is a daily ritual that you need to practice everyday it is not only a frame of mind it is a “lifestyle”. It is so easy to be down and unhappy so why have easy when you can have so much better.


I spent a whole year battling with my thoughts, feelings and emotions feeling like I wasn’t in control of ANYTHING. Now I do not regret spending do much time feeling negative and I will tell you why. In that time I was down, hurt and upset but I was also hopeful,determined and focused. I know that sounds strange right?! But the one thing that made all those possible in the same space, was I decided I didn’t want life to be the same.  I took action and started to make the small changes necessary this included was both body and mind, you can’t do one without the other. I said I want to look and feel different because my old state of being just wasn’t working for me any more. So I did exactly what I said I was going to despite the ton of bricks on my shoulders. But those bricks only made me stronger, its like doing a hard workout adding weights  to that workout they end up making you stronger and better.

Now I am not tooting my own horn but I simply want to show people that things can change if you WANT then to.  Positiveness, happiness and being content are inside you it is just down to you to reach in and grab it with both hands, mind, body and heart. Give it your ALL that way you know what you can really achieve!!

Life doesn’t have meaning or purpose unless you give it those things!!



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