Pancakes Galore!!!


 I know I know I made y’all dribble… if you don’t know already pancakes are my THANG its my Saturday morning brekkie that will never get old. Good, healthy, tasty, nutritious and creative food doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Seeming as I have my recipe on point I wanted share with y’all my simple recipe so you can get making them and ENJOY. These can be made anytime and in as little as 15 minutes, these pancakes only require 5 to 6 ingredients depending on what you flavour fancy. This recipe is my latest one but I do switch it up so feel free to add your own twist!!



1 large Banana

1/2 cup Oats*

1/2 Buckwheat flour*

1 tbsp Chia seeds or ground flaxseed + 3 tbsps water*

1/3 cup Plant milk (almond, oat,rice or coconut)

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tbsp Coconut oil

* You can use all oats if you wish as it is a cheaper and easily available just use 1 cup of oats if this is the case.

*You also can use all buckwheat flour but it tends to be quite dense so it is nice to cut it with oats, but is great if you need a 100% gluten free option.

*usually the chia seed or ground flaxseed is mixed with the water and left to thicken this acts as the egg in the recipe but I find you can just add into the mixture and use without it having to set aside.

This recipe makes about 7 pancakes if you want a larger batch add in another banana and another 1/2 cup of oats or buckwheat + plus more liquid.


Food processor/blender

Frying pan & spatula



So because I just want to whip these up quickly half the time, I literally throw everything in the blender whiz up and cook.

Whether you have a blender/food processor or hand blender you can have these ready in no time. You can hand mix the batter but to allow a better texture and cooking time I would advise you blend till smooth.

So break up your banana and add to the blender along with your chia or flax with the 3 tbsps of water.

You can choose to blend up the banana and chia or flax first till smooth.

If not then add in your oats, buckwheat flour, milk and cinnamon blend till nice and smooth.

Once everything is blended get a spoon and test the thickness of the mixture the thinner it is the better it will cook and quicker. If the mixture is too thick then add in more water or milk. But you may want chunkier pancakes so the choice is yours.

Now you want to heat your pan so add the coconut oil and heat thoroughly, it can heat up very really quickly so be careful.

Next add in two tablespoons of the mixture for each pancake, you can make them bigger or smaller but this is just the size I go for.

Cook on each side for a few minutes and hey presto…..

This is just a basic recipe which you can jazz up anyway you like..

Add in the batter cacao, blueberries, coconut, nuts

Top with almond butter, peanut butter, maple syrup, banana, strawberries


Now you can have pancakes anytime you like just don’t go too crazy 🙂



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