Gluten Free Flours!!


So by now y’all must know that I live to create and inspire so it is essential that I am equip with the right ingredients to get the perfect results. In my kitchen experiments when it comes to baking I have played around with different flours for my baked goods. My mission to bake not only vegan but also gluten free you could kind of say is virtually complete. I have four flours which I find so useful to have in kitchen so let me introduce you to my friends first up is……..


This little whole grain is probably one the flours  I am using a lot more and is definitely one of my staples as it is great mixed with other flours and is gluten free. I use this flour when it calls for wheat and as it can be quite dry I will cut it with a flour with more moisture to it. Not only is this flour high in protein but the vitamin B and fibre levels have a good presence. I would typically use this flour in my brownies, cakes, breads and savory baked goods.


One of my faves as oats themselves can be used for so many things, I have called it flour because you can use it whole and it expands or you can grind it down to make the grain finer. I use oats as they add moisture and bounce to my baked goods, whether its porridge, cookies, granola, breads, cakes or pancakes the list goes on. Oats are safe for people who need to eliminate gluten from their diet but just bear in mind that they are usually handled in factories that produce wheat and rye products. Also oats contain a protein which is similar to gluten called avenin, but is said to be safe for Coeliacs to eat ( All in all oats are pretty amazing, high in fibre, stabilizes the blood sugar and keeps you full.


Chickpea flour I have been using for quite a while now and I tend to dip in and out of using it. Initially it took a little bit of getting used to as it can easily end in a big mess if not used correctly. I use chickpea flour for besan omelette, flat bread and in my gluten free pizza base. It is a high source of protein and is quite a moist flour when cooked so not too much liquid should be used. This flour can be used in baked dishes also but I have yet to experiment further.


Now I was going to say that this is probably my fave but to be honest they all are because they all serve a purpose in my everyday cooking. Buckwheat flour can be quiet dense if you not use properly and it is very similar to wheat flour as it is quite stretchy. Now to clear it up for those that don’t know, Buckwheat is not related to wheat and it is actually a seed related to sorrel and rhubarb. So this means its is gluten free and safe for Coeliacs to consume, but as always check the source you get it from. Buckwheat flour is a good source of magnesium, I use buckwheat flour in my pancakes and when I make dumplings.

There are a few more flours that I could of listed but these I feel are the essentials and I want to give you tried and tested information, as I have yet to experiment with the other flours. You can stock up on these flours as most of them you can easily grab from the supermarket (chickpea flour & oat flour (oats). Buckwheat flour and brown rice flour you can get from wholefood shops or just go to your local Holland & Barrett if you live in the UK.

These are always good to have in your kitchen when you feel like whipping something up. So grab you some gluten free flours and get playing 🙂

I shall be putting up recipes for you to try featuring these ingredients so hang tight!!

But to get you started check out my pancakes recipe

The kitchen is your playground CREATE MAGIC!!!



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