Vegan & Gluten free Pizza!!

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I have always had a thing for pizza and I even worked at Pizza Hut for five years as a waitress, the combo of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings is just very satisfying. Since embarking on my health journey (started January 2013) and then my vegan journey I have tried to cut out the middle man. As you know I believe in having your cake and eating it so I like to create things myself, I have had pizza from places but there is something very satisfying about homemade pizza. I started making my own pizza bases back in 2013 with wheat flour they were okay did the job but not perfect but when I think back they were nothing like they are now. I then started to create a gluten free pizza base they would be misshapen,break, stick and just be a hot mess but since time has gone on I have mastered the PIZZA.


There are a few ways you can make a gluten free pizza base which I shall highlight.

There are four ingredients which you can chose two or three of depending on which kind of base you want:

Cauliflower – I know you probably wasn’t expecting this ingredient but it is very high in vitamin C and a great way to get another vegetable into your pizza along with the toppings. The cauliflower is blended down, cooked, water squeezed out and then added to the other flours to add moisture and chew to your dough. This ingredient is optional but if you have the extra time and want a more moist pizza base I highly recommend.

Chickpea Flour – This a great way to add some protein to your pizza base and it also adds some moisture to your pizza base so it is not so dry.  Be careful not to add to much though because it can make the dough sticky and hard to work with.

Brown Rice/Buckwheat Flour –  These two are the essential flours I use in place of wheat flour when baking, they bind well with the rest of the ingredients needed for this pizza base. But saying that these two can be used together to create a light and crisp pizza base.

If you want more detailed info on gluten free flours check out my blog post


Right now lets get you those recipes, below I shall show you two variations for a pizza base that might suit you better!



2 cups of Cauliflower*

1 cup of Chickpea Flour

1 Cup Brown Rice flour

3 Chia/ Flax eggs (tablespoon of chia or milled flax mixed with 9 tbs of water)*

1 tsp Garlic powder

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Salt

Water ( add as needed to bind)


1.5 cups Brown Rice Flour

1.5 cups Buckwheat Flour

3 Chia/ Flax eggs (tablespoon of chia or milled flax mixed with 9 tbsps of water)*

1tsp Garlic powder

1tsp Oregano

1 tsp Salt

Water ( add as needed to bind)


1/2 cup tomato puree

2 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Garlic powder

2 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Black pepper

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tbs warm water


*If you want to skip the Cauliflower in recipe 1 just replace with a cup of Buckwheat flour.

* mix your milled flaxseed or chia seed with the amount of water required and let it stand for 10-15  minutes. You can just use water but either one of these ingredients add some extra goodness to the pizza.


Food Processor

Large mixing bowl

Small bowl


Baking pizza tray

Grease proof paper

Clean hands


First you want to take your small bowl and combine the chia/ flax with the water mix and put it to one side to set.

Then in your large bowl combine the cauliflower ( if using it) and the flours, add in your spices and mix.

Once your chia/flax has set add into the flour and start to bind it together, use your hands and squeeze the mixture together.

Add in water as you go to help it bind and knead the dough into a ball.

Heat your oven to about 350F which is about 180 C

Get your pizza tray and line it with grease proof paper and sprinkle some of your flour on it.

You can either make one big pizza with the dough or mini pizzas the choice is yours.

If you are making a whole pizza place your dough in the middle of the tray and start to press down and outwards with your finger tips.

Keep on working it out to the sides applying pressure with your fingertips until the tray is covered evenly.

You can use a rolling pin if you find it easier it is up to you.

If you want to make mini pizzas break off a golf ball size amount sprinkle flour in your hand and flatten it with your palm. Then put it on the tray and press it into shape with your fingertips.

If you happen to make mini pizzas you may have dough left, wrap it in foil and store in the fridge (it keeps well for a few days).

So once your pizza base is formed pop in the oven for about 20/25 minutes depending on which recipe you have used.

Recipe 1 takes about 25 minutes due to the cauliflower in the dough and recipe 2 takes about 15/20 minutes.

You can judge how well done you would like the pizzas bases.

Whilst the pizza base is cooking mix all the pizza sauce ingredients together and set aside.

Now you can have some fun and choose what toppings you would like vegan cheese, jalapenos, mushroom, pepper, chili, red onion, olives, pineapple etc.

Chop your veggies up and set aside.

Once the pizza base is done spread your pizza sauce over the base or mini bases and leave a crust around the edge.

Then sprinkle over your topping and pop back in the oven cook for another 10/15 minutes.

I am sure you know the rest!!


This pizza recipe is quick easy and simple especially if you opt for just the flours as your ingredients, either way it is a much healthier way to eat pizza and still DELISH!!

So get to making and have FUN!!

Food should never be boring!!



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