Cooking Tempeh!!







You’re probably thinking what on earth is that stuff up there, as much as I like to share with you my food successes I also want to show you the food mishaps.

That funny looking stuff you see above is called Tempeh, it is made from soy beans that go through a fermentation process which binds the beans together, they then end up in a firm burger patty form.

So I first tried Tempeh from The Cinnamon Snail on a sandwich when I was in New York back in February. I remember it being soft, nice bite to it and VERY tasty, I really enjoyed it couldn’t wait to try it out back home. So five months later it was time to give it a whirl, so I picked up a block from my local wholefood store.

Defrosted as directed and decided I was going to lightly fry it then marinate it in a peanut sauce and bake. I am pretty good when it comes to new ingredients, and there isn’t much that I haven’t liked or not turned out quite right.

Tempeh oh Tempeh where did we go wrong!!!

Now without telling you every detail boring you and putting you off even trying Tempeh at the same time, lets just say that it isn’t how I remembered. It was nuttier and more earthy than I recall but I do think that it needed to be cooked in an alternative way to that softness. It seemed quite dry and my lovely peanut sauce didn’t compliment it at all. I may not revisit tempeh but glad I experimented with it.

For those of you who are new to soy products I would say to start of with tofu. As it is easy to handle, takes on flavour very well and is available in supermarkets.

I shall be going back to my faithful tofu, for those of you who want to try tofu, want to learn how to get tofu PERFECT¬†and haven’t had a good experience with it previously stay tuned for the next post!!

Trial and error




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