The Only Vegan In the Village!!


Y’all are probably wondering what this title is all about, well give me a minute and I will tell you. Okay so as most of you know I am a VEGAN for health, ethical and environmental reasons. It is coming up to nearly two years now and wow have I learnt. But I just wanted to touch on two elements of being vegan.


Veganism is only about 70 years old if I am correct, even though I am sure people ate this way from way before but it just now has a name. If you are like me then I don’t have any vegans around me so it will feel like you’re the only one out there. I’ve always been the odd one out throughout my life and this is something I would not change. But being vegan can be quite a lonely place at times,but it is all about making the most of it. But being a vegan isn’t about fitting in it is about making a difference and contributing to the earth.


Those moments when your work colleague brings in cake for everyone but you can’t have any, you go to a family party and all you can eat is salad or go out for a meal and you have to piece together a meal from the menu.

Yeah it sucks when there is no food for you, you can’t try what is on offer and have to make do. You feel left out and it has make me feel a bit down at times but it is never a long term thing. To be honest that is the only negative side to being vegan the social side of things. But there is no way I would stop being vegan just because of the social aspect. Aside from that I find being vegan very fulfilling it allows me to be creative, free and make better choices in my life. Luckily I don’t have an problems from people, everyone around me are quite supportive of my lifestyle.


Showing people a different and healthier way of life – this is your chance to inspire,show, share and demonstrate this amazing way of living but the chances are they never in their life even considered it. Who knows what could happen!!

Discovering new exciting foods – before I became vegan I would explore and experiment with food but

Meeting like minded people – yes I said I don’t have any vegans around me but it is always nice to connect with people who have similar interests as you via social media etc. It is a good way to build and enhance your surroundings also learn too.

Any fellow vegans out there I feel your pain but we in this together šŸ™‚

Ā holla at me lets connect!!!

Shine your light on the world because it should be seen!!!



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