Abs In The Kitchen!!



So this is my third year of my healthy lifestyle and I am always trying to get those ABS on point and smaller waist, but there are a few complications along the way. So I just wanted to address a little something when it comes to my body.

Lets talk about my waistline!!

I am typically small on top meaning a small waist, breast and chest and bigger on the bottom but the one place on me that tends to fluctuate throughout the month is my WAISTLINE!

Having a trimmer middle or getting those ABS are simply built in the kitchen, the things you eat can have a mega impact on this. I eat quite clean and healthy most of the time in my day to day eating I try to not eat wheat, refined sugars and bad fats, but there are times when I may eat more salt, sugar, wheat and bad fats. These things can make my stomach and waist increase or bloat making me feel bigger. Another factor is that thang we ladies have TOTM if you don’t know what that is then I suggest you google it. This can have a big effect on our middles and I notice my stomach can bigger one minute and flatter the next.

Being as your middle is the central point it is easy to put weight on there eating things cooked in fatty oils, lots of salt, sugar and wheat can make you balloon out. If you are finding it hard to get trim in the waistline then I suggest you look at your eating because that is where it starts. Do all the sit ups you want but you won’t maintain a good set of abs on just that alone.

I don’t have abs of steel just yet and I am still on my journey to trim out even more but I have the tools to be able to get there and you can too so keep on GRINDING!



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