Cakes & ish Taster Event 2015


I know I have been a little bit MIA but all for a good cause, as I was elbow deep in event preparations!!!!

It is finally OFFISH Cakes & ish (hey that rhymed hehe) had their first event on the Wed 23rd September 2015 which was held at the funky quirky Cherry Reds Cafe & bar in Birmingham city centre.

For those of you that don’t know Cakes & ish is my healthy food brand which shows you that you can still have what you want but in alternative ways, you can have your cake and eat it…I have been working on Cakes & ish since July 2014 it is my baby that I want to see grow and flourish!

I held the Cakes & ish taster event so that people had the chance to taste my products, delicious looking pictures can only get you so far. So I made the leap and set about planning the first event. Doing the day job that I do it was easy to piece things together, venue, decor ideas and of course the FOOD!!

The event night was chilled, laid back and just such a nice vibe was in the room just how I had visioned it. The support of the people that came and endured the Cakes & ish experience was fab I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. The feedback on the food was great and I was so happy that what I show everyday taste just as good as it looks. (Pics of the event are below)

My love for life, food and wanting to live a healthy, full and happy life has bought me to where I am today. I am blessed, grateful and thankful I have the opportunity everyday to go and grab what I want by the balls.



p.s to see what one of my lovely guests Annika thought about the Cakes & ish taster event and how it impacted her click on the link below…..



Hard at work


IMG_4928 IMG_4957IMG_4930IMG_4956IMG_4925

My lovely guests


The lovely ladies that helped me on the night!!

IMG_4929Me and Momma bear









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