Breakfast Week 2016!!!


Hey y’all hope everyone is hungry as it is officially breakfast week, it started from Sunday 24th January and ends Saturday 30th January. This is a whole week in celebration of all things breakfast, showing you the plant based way what you can whip up for your brekkie.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I say food is important full stop so why not experiment and make awesome food. Seeming as breakfast is my FAVE meal to have, I thought I would share with you some DELISH plant based breakfast ideas, that you can whip up anytime you like. So grab yourself a sack of oats, bunch of bananas and a dash of imagination….Let’s go….



First up we have one of my many faves that the is so easy to be creative with and anybody could mix up a bowl and make it beautiful. PORRIDGE (oatmeal if your American) that gooey, warming and filling goodness that comes from oats. This awesome stuff can be whipped up in 5 to 10 minutes and keep you full for hours. My staple plant milks I use in porridge are either rice milk or almond milk, but there are many others so choose what you like.  The topping list is endless, my MUST HAVES are banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and maple syrup. But you can add things like frozen berries, coconut, chocolate sauce, nut butters and so on. If you need a bit of a shove in the right direction here is a recipe for you. >>>> Colourful Breakfast Bowl

PhotoGrid_1449314644782 Ah the smoothie bowl so colourful bright and fresh, now I will admit I do prefer to eat my food and not drink it, so if you are like me this will be a perfect alternative. A smoothie bowl tends to be just a tad bit thicker than a regular smoothie so that you can spoon it. Probably not the most popular if you live in the cold climate of England, but I do recommend it highly as it only requires a few ingredients. To whip up this smoothie bowl you can use whatever fruits you like but my holy grail are frozen bananas, frozen berries, plant milk and whatever you decide to top it with. Granola on top of a smoothie bowl adds such a nice crunch ummm ummm. So its time to grab that blender and get blending those fruits!!! If you want to whips up some delicious homemade granola check out my how to video >>> Granola Recipe


PANCAKESSSSSS yes those tangs you pile high and drizzle maple syrup over, these pancakes are a little different to your “traditional” pancakes which usually use wheat flour. Banana and oats are used to make these bad boys so they are more nutritious, chewy and filling. I modified my previous recipe so that everyone could make them anytime, as the ingredients needed aren’t speciality ingredients. You could have these delicious pancakes on your plate in the space of 10-15 so check out the recipe if you want to give them a whirl. >>> Easy Pancake Recipe

Okay so I think I have given y’all enough juice now, so go try out these breakfast foods and don’t blame me if you want breakfast for every meal. 🙂

Keep trying, experimenting and keep it moving!!!

Leah B ♥


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