Strong Vegans Q&A – Lydia Mok

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I want to show y’all that vegans are strong whether it is body or mind, we may live a different life to the average person these days, but believe me it is VERY fruitful and rewarding. Keep on reading to find out how Lydia finds life as a VEGAN……

Introduce yourself….

 Hello! My name is Lydia and I am the founder of a company called STRONG Girl Takeover promoting diversity within the fitness industry, encouraging women of any background, culture, race, religion, shape or size to fall in love with fitness and get body confident and I have been vegan for 21 months 💪 .One of my main motto’s in life is to put out into the universe the energy which you wish to receive and to practice gratitude daily. So treat others how you wish to be treated, do everything with a kinda and pure heart and you shall be successful.

Who are your vegan influences?

My friends the amazingly talented, visual wizard Mister Bro Ben, Mister Chaka, founder of SpartanFam and my BarSparta brother Sensei who banishes all myths about lack of strength if one does not consume animal products.

What is your fave food?

Has to be my Mum’s tofu and veg hotpot. I grew up on it and the fact that it’s vegan and I can still have it is amazing!

What is your main source of protein and what food do you feel gives you most energy?

 Soy mince, tofu and nuts. I also stick to spinach, kale and broccoli as my main vegetables as they are highest in protein and iron. I have taken shakes before but am not a fan of shakes in general so have been using them less regularly.

 What is your biggest challenge whilst being vegan?

Not much has changed really. We’re lucky that in London people now understand the term so if you ask for a meal without mayo or without cheese people don’t look at you like you’re an alien. And if you’re out and about and need to grab something there are now more on the go options or you can always just pop into a supermarket and grab some fruit.

What is your biggest accomplishment whilst being vegan?

Definitely has to be setting up my business and creating a community of strong women that encourage, motivate and inspire each other to be better versions of themselves. Good energy attracts good energy and I am grateful to have such amazing people come into my life to inspire me to reach the company’s and my personal full potential.

For more check out the exclusive interview with Lydia on you tube link is below and check out all her social media platforms …..

 Strong Vegans | Q&A With Lydia Mok





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