Plant Based Alternatives | Dairy free Milk


that moment when you tell someone your “vegan”, and the one of the most popular responses usually is but what about milk?!

well in actual fact these days There are plenty of delicious cow free alternatives for you to splash in your smoothies, pour in your coffee, drizzle over your cereal or sip with your cookies.

I am sure by now that you are fully aware of the wide selection of dairy free milks available to you or maybe your not. Well okay never mind seeming as I have experimented with quite a few and know what they are great to be used for I will help you out a little. Lets jump right in…….

Coconut milk

Beloved amazing coconut if we are talking about the kind in a carton this is great for your porridge, baked goods and desserts. If you are using the tinned coconut milk which is thicker and has the coconut cream on top this is amazing in curries, soups, cheesecakes and you can even use it to make ice cream. coconut milk both carton and tinned are quite creamy but still easy enough on the stomach.

Almond milk

this seems to be the fave choice of plant milk for people these days as it has calcium, its creamy and is very tasty. it is quite versatile so can be used for most things like cereal, coffee, porridge, smoothies, curries, soups & creamy sauces.

rice milk 

this stuff is my go to as it is light & tasty so you can pretty much use it in anything. this goes into my smoothies, baked goods, porridge and cereal. there is plain rice milk or a vanilla one which i recommend you try. if creamy is just not your thing then definitely give this white stuff a try.

hazelnut milk

now this stuff isn’t an everyday milk i must admit, so try it out when you want something a bit more luxurious. imagine a hazelnut mocha ummm ummm or poured into your porridge with cocoa & caramelized pears. can you tell i love hazelnut & chocolate haha.


now lets not forget that you can make any of these yourself too. you just need to choose which flavour you are going for, blend with water and any sweetners/flavours you may want to add (maple syrup, dates, agave, vanilla or cinnamon). then strain through cheesecloth or a nut milk bag and hey presto your very own homemade milk.

if you would like a plant milk recipe check out this almond milk one, but beware there is a delicious cookie recipe to go along side it >>>> Almond Milk recipe

brand recommendations & tips

there are a few other options which i haven’t mentioned which are still great such as hemp milk this is amazing it is a complete protein, full of calcium, omega 3 & 6 the list goes on. This is a milk i would like to play around with more, i have made it once before but didn’t stick with it. if you want a milk that has more nutritional benefits I would DEFINITELY go with hemp milk or almond milk.

others options are oat milk and soya milk, these two are my least fave but they could be the one for you so try them out.

my personal choices when I am buying my plant milks are rude health and rice dream, which i pick up in most Uk supermarkets (asda, Tesco & sainsburys). This is because they taste great offer organic choices and don’t have UNNECESSARY ingredients in them. some brands have way to many ingredients and are not needed so be careful when choosing and always read the label!!! 

toodles for now



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