The Perfect Summer Salad Recipe




So salads are probably the easiest thing to whip up right, you just chop everything up dress or undress it throw into a bowl and EAT. But sometimes they are boring feel like you are just eating air and not very satisfying.

Well okay salad may be put a long side other dish but you catch my drift!!!

This salad is my take on tabbouleh its colourful, refreshing, bright, tasty and interesting everything you could  want in a taste bud tickling summer salad. You don’t need many ingredients but you can make a small amount  or a large amount also take and add what you like. A lot of  the time i just eyeball ingredients but here is what I used for this colourful salad.


1 bunch of mint

1 bunch of flat leaf or curly parsley

1/2 of a large avocado

1/2 a cucumber

Handful of plum tomatoes

1/2 of a lemon or lime

1 TBSP suma organic Extra virgin olive oil

Pink HIMALAYAN salt & fresh ground black pepper to season to personal taste.

how to make

So as I said this is literally such a simple dish to make, grab all your ingredients listed above rinse them in cold water and dry.

chop up your mint and parsley first as these are you base then put them in a large salad bowl of choice.

Next chop up your cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and add them to the bowl.

juice your lemon or lime and pour it over your ingredients.

Then all that is left to do is drizzle your extra virgin olive, sprinkle your salt and grind your pepper on top mix and INHALE….

okay maybe don’t inhale just yet you can add seeds or other vegetables maybe some apple or pineapple. decide if you want it alone or with another dish, my suggestion would be falafel or a nice flat bread or add in some quinoa or have it with a baked sweet potato. I shall leave that decision up to y’all either way get making and be creative.

if you would like to watch and see how i make this watch my recipe video over on You tube >>>> THE PERFECT SUMMER SALAD RECIPE

ENJOY !!!!!

LB x



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