Satay Tofu | 5 ingredient Recipe


Yes it’s that funny looking stuff that many turn their noses up at, but will happily eat what once was a living breathing thing. I admit it strange stuff but it is so versatile and a protein source, I have used it to make many things but I must say this is fave!! as a plant muncher it is easy to get hooked on this stuff because sometimes you want something a little more. I say moderation is your best friend as with any other food. tofu initially it can be a tricky thing to get right, i failed many a time in previous years. but now i can give you my fail proof recipe, when you get it RIGHT it’s so yummy and you will never turn your nose up at tofu again!

the trick to perfect tofu is to firstly use the right tofu for the dish you are making. I tend to use the same one every time because it doesn’t fail me. If you are using tofu to marinate it in say a stir fry or to accompany rice, then medium firm tofu is your best friend. i used to press my tofu before cooking to help get the moisture out so it firmed up easier when cooked. This was done by wrapping it in kitchen paper putting it on a chopping board with another on top, then applying a heavy object on top. now ain’t nobody got time to be doing all that, so now I simply blot it and dry it out in the oven. once it’s cooked I coat it in a sauce of my choice, then either chuck it in the pan or back on the tray and in to the oven.

So now you have some tips, let’s show you how to whip it up tofu the right way!!!




satay tofu

serves 2-3 people

preparation time 5-10 minutes

cooking time 35 minutes


1 block of medium firm tofu*

2 tbs crunchy or smooth Peanut butter

2 tbs Tamari*

1-2 tbs sesame seed oil

1-2 tbs maple syrup


how to make 

1.Preheat your oven to 180-200 C. your tofu block, drain off the water and dry it off with kitchen paper.

3.cut it into small pieces and lay them out on a grease proof paper lined tray.

4. cook for about 25 minutes until they are golden this means they have firmed up.

5. While the tofu pieces are in the oven make your satay sauce.

6. in a bowl add all your remaining ingredients mix till combined.

7. adjust the flavour to your liking, if you want it sweeter add more maple syrup or if you want it a more salty add more tamari/soy sauce.

8. add your cooked tofu pieces to the bowl and mix till all the tofu is coated.

9. you can either add it back onto the tray pop it in the oven for 10 mins which is what I recommend, or you can shove it in the frying pan with a touch of oil to brown it up.

10. lastly put it with steamed rice, green such as broccoli, green beans or whatever you like.

11. Then INHALE!! 


*make sure that you use the correct tofu otherwise this recipe won’t be successful. I recommend Cauldron tofu as this is the on I always use and it hasn’t failed me yet.

* if YOU’RE wondering what on earth tamari is it is a soy sauce without wheat so for you gluten frees it is a good alternative.





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