Vegan Jamaican Curry “Mutton” | Meat Free Recipe


so i know y’all have been oh so patiently waiting for this recipe and as promised I have a little gift for you. this dish is a traditional jamaican dish one that mum would cook occasionally, would be served at parties and on the menu at every caribbean food shop. i would typically not be interested in this dish when I was younger and I would always ask for something else. also I have never cooked this dish in my life, but hey I make magic with food so I was confident i could pass with flying colours. i have been a little more experimental with meat replacements this year because it mixes things up a little, I like to create with food so why not. so one day i stumbled across this interesting item in the mock section at my local wing yip (chinese supermarket). The texture is crazy its mostly made up of mushrooms and soya bean protein. i couldn’t believe how realistic the texture is stringy and chewy just like the real stuff. now some people may question why do you want to eat something that is imitating meat when you don’t eat meat. well my answer to that is I used to enjoy meat more so chicken if i’m honest, but i didn’t enjoy the way it made me feel. the purpose of replacements is so that you can get that satisfaction but with no harm to animals or your health simples. anyway that is enough rambling lets get in kitchen and start cooking!!!


Jamaican curry mutton

1 Bag of tkc vegetarian style mutton pieces


1/2 a large onion

2 medium sweet potatoes

3 heaped tbs of curry powder

2 tbs tomato puree


1 tin of plum tomatoes

2 tsp pepper flakes or 1 scotch bonnet*

1 tbsp oil of coconut oil

how to make

  1. start by dicing up your onion and sweet potato.

  2. grab a large pot add a touch of oil or water, then add your mutton, onion, thyme and sweet potato.

  3. let this cook for a few minutes till your onions start to slightly brown.

  4. Now add your curry powder,tomato puree, plum tomatoes, pepper and water.

  5. Let this come to the boil then turn down and simmer for about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

  6. the curry should thicken up, the mutton and sweet potato should be tender but not mushy.

  7. This is best served with rice, slaw, roast potatoes and plantain, believe me you won’t regret it.


    * traditionally you would use scotch bonnet in this dish but i used red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper to add some heat.

 inhale and enjoy as always!!!

Have awesome start to 2017 and I can’t wait to bring you lots more recipes.





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