Power Shot | Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric & Black Pepper


So I will admit I haven’t been feeling 100% since I got back from my vacay in January, coming back from paradise to cold england doesn’t do wonders for the body. For those of you who live in England or a country with a cold climate will know how rubbish the winters are, dark, rainy, cold and dreary. So we need all the help we can to perk us up, so until the sun arrives I thought I would help you out with a little boost. some liquid sunshine Every morning which I have been taking shots of, this powerful mix contains such amazing ingredients.

First up we have the amazing ginger which can help with many things such as nausea, menstrual pain, muscle soreness, flu and it has anti-inflammatory properties the list goes on. Another bad boy is Lemon these balls of yellow are great for the skin, a good source of vitamin C and minerals, help with digestion and weight loss.  Lets not forgot the all mighty Turmeric it has a natural anti-inflammatory compound in it called curcumin, helps to repair damage in the body and helps to fight against many diseases. Lastly we have black pepper which helps with weight loss, skin, coughs, cold and helps nutrients become more available to our system. The black pepper is added just before you take a shot of this wonderful mix to help with the absorption of the turmeric benefits. So let’s show you how to whip up this powerful tonic!!!




2-3 inch piece of ginger root

3-4 lemons

2 tsps turmeric

1 turn of freshly ground black pepper*

how to make

  1. grab a chopping board and sharp knife and start to peel your ginger.

  2. cut the ginger into chunks and add it to your blender cup.

  3. next take your lemons either juice them or peel the skin off and place into the blender cup.

  4. add two teaspoons of turmeric into your blender cup.

  5. blend everything together till smooth.

  6. take a medium sized bowl, set your sieve over it and pour your mix into the sieve to strain.

  7. pour the mixture into a jar with a lip and store in the fridge.

  8. take a shot of about 50ml/2oz every morning with 1 grind of fresh black pepper on top.

  9. this stuff will make your face go all screwed up but believe me it is the good stuff


* freshly ground black pepper is added on top of your shot before you take it each morning, this helps with the absorption of the turmeric. This is needed to make the properties of the turmeric available to your body.

*this tonic can be made in a juicer so if you have one use it as it will probably be even easier to make.

I hope this helps to keep you fighting and strong.

If you would like to watch how to make this check out my quick video over on my You tube channel >> Power Shot


*information is of my own research and through my own personal testing, please do your own research to gain a more informed decision.



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