Easy Peasy Quinoa | Quick Recipe

Now I will not lie I have a love hate relationship with these little seeds here, if y’all don’t already know let me formerly introduce you. Meet QUINOA (keen-wa) the little seeds that aren’t a grain but a great replacement for rice and are packed full of that good stuff. IT IS A COMPLETE PROTEIN THAT HAS ALL OF THE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS but it is also PACKED WITH PROTEIN, FIBER, IRON, CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS, MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM. so as you can see you might just want to grab you a bag or two and introduce it into your daily foodings. I will be honest if you don’t add any flavour too these little seeds they can taste very bland, but i have a little simply recipe to get fluffy tasty quinoa in no time.


1 bag of 300g Quinoa*

1 vegetable stock cube

2 cups of water

how to make 

1.fill up your kettle and boil.

2.grab the bag of quinoa and pour it into a sieve then rinse in cold water.

3.add the washed quinoa to a pot add in the boiled water, stock cube and put the lid on.

4.let it boil for about 10-15 mins until the water has disappeared, give it a stir then turn the heat right down and left it steam for another 5-10 mins.

5.you should now have fluffy and tender quinoa ready to eat.


*you can use white quinoa or any colour you may have, i used the tricolour quinoa just adds a little colour to your plate.

you can chuck this quinoa on salads put it with curry, chili, soup and you can even make porridge with it. If you plan to make quinoa porridge just leave the stock cube out, but I have the perfect recipe to show you exactly how to whip that up>  Quinoa Porridge




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