Vegan in Thailand 2017 | Food On Vacation



even though it feels like it was years ago, I still cant believe that back in january i spent the most amazing two weeks in the beautiful place that is THAILAND. This was in celebration of my turning 30 years young, two year anniversary with the Mr and just a chance to get away, explore and EAT. Of course food was going to be a major part of the trip, I cook everyday also i am food ENTREPRENEUR so it was so nice to take a break from the kitchen. Now food is abundant in Thailand and if you are someone who eats anything you will enjoy how much is on offer. If you are plant munchers like us then it requires a little more work but I am here to give you a few tips, pointers and recommendations. Let’s get to it!!


We stayed in three different places in thailand, Phuket, ko phi phi don and bangkok. so let me give you the low down on the food situation in these beautiful places.

Phuket, Karon/kata beach 

This was our first location in thailand after 20 hours of travelling we arrived at the hotel which was nestled in the local town so as soon as you walked out you was on the main road which was very busy. of course we were marvin so as soon as we got there we went in search of our first meal in thailand.


Luckily this place was right across the road from the hotel which was great because we had just spent a day travelling, we wanted to get some rest ready to wake up to enjoy and celebrate my 30th birthday. Anyway back to the food this was a little food hut on the side of the road, we ordered pineapple fried rice no egg and thai red curry no fish sauce and we copped some spring rolls from another place to go along with it. This was so flavorful and delicious just what we needed to fill our bellies.


The next day we went in search of good food, About a 5 minute walk away from the hotel located on the main road there was a “vegetarian” restaurant called Sai Than Boom. This was an all vegan restaurant and despite the slow service the food was very fresh tasty and so so CHEAP. We ordered about 5/6 plates of food and it came to a total of £8, yeah i know so cheap it was unreal. we had a barbecued pork style fried rice, tempura, garlic & ginger tofu, and sweetcorn fritters. Very good food and if you’re in that area I would suggest to take a visit but don’t go if you’re starving because you do have to wait a little.

Some places are called vegetarian over in Thailand but no eggs or dairy are present, the term vegan isn’t used everywhere in thailand yet. But there are a few phrases to help put you at ease if you’re ordering from a non vegan place.

Mai sai nam plaa ka –  don’t put fish sauce 

mai sai kai ka – don’t put egg 

mai sai no ka – don’t put milk

mee ahan jay mai – do you have vegan food


On my birthday we also visited a lovely place called Santosa wellness centre, this beautiful place was up on a hill with gorgeous views. They have accommodation, you can do classes like yoga, zumba and they had a restaurant that sells all plant based foods . We went there for dessert they had a selection of raw desserts so of course we tried all of the why not it was my birthday after all. The three desserts included raw chocolate cake, raw mango cake and raw cheesecake which was my favourite one of them all. They were light, refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness.


So I will admit although food in Thailand is abundant sometimes it was a slight struggle, as much as we love it you can only eat so much rice and veg. So on my birthday night we stumbled upon this Italian restaurant that made stone baked pizza, I know I know who eats pizza in Thailand WE DO. It was so necessary that night and I am so thankful that we did because this pizza was so tasty, the sauce was so flavour some that we didn’t even miss having toppings. Oh and lets not even get into how DELISH the pineapple juice was, so fresh, sweet and just gorgeous. That is one thing about Thailand you can drink fresh fruit juices everyday because fruit is so abundant and so cheap to buy also.




CC’s hideaway is a hotel but they have a restaurant with a vegan menu so we wanted to check it out. After walking up and down trying to find this place we found it and right across the road from our hotel too. The only catch was climbing a really steep hill to get to it, when we got to the top the view was amazing so definitely worth the mini hike. We refreshed ourselves with some fresh coconut water which was so needed after breaking out in a sweat, we then ordered savoury pancakes, fries, onion rings and burger sliders. Yeah we realised we ordered to much and had to take some back with us but hey always good to try. Funnily enough the savoury pancakes were my favourite despite them not being that flavoursome, I usually need things to be spicy or salty but hey sometimes try something a little out of the norm.

phi phi don

Phi phi islands are so beautiful when we sailed through to the docks I could not believe my eyes the clear waters and gorgeous scenery is just so breath taking. food on the island is a bit limited when it comes to being vegan so it is pretty much the time where your thai phrases come in. But we did find a few delicious things whilst on the island….

The mango garden was one of the places we visited they get 10/10 for presentation and this dish right here called mango sticky rice was one of the faves we tried whilst in thailand.

This was probably the best ice cream I have even eaten, it was 100% coconut milk and so delicious. I had been craving ice cream whilst in thailand and could not find any that was dairy free. Then tumbled on this little stall called thailand natural coconut ice cream, served in a coconut bowl which made me love it even more.

Bangkok, Bang Rak

Bangkok was such a busy place the streets were covered in people but there were so many things to see and do. Of course we took part in one of our favourite things to do chow down, we found a few vegan food gems whilst out there.

may veggie home this place we visited like three time can you tell we loved it, vegan food heaven is the only way to describe it. they served traditional thai dishes a long with some junk food faves. the fish burger and the teriyaki duck had to be the best items on the menu i still think about them to this day.

Veganerie this place is dessert heaven as I am a baker I hardly get to taste anyone else’s sweet so this was so appreciated. Waffles, ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce you can not go wrong at all. We did go back again but we went to the veganerie concept branch this place had more food options, here we inhaled the waffle platter. If you’re in Bangkok definitely look them up you won’t regret it.

okay so there was a lot more food but that should get you going if you’re stuck for places to eat whilst in thailand. I shall be going back to thailand at some point so  a lot more awesome places for me to discover and share. I highly recommend visiting thailand in your lifetime as it is such a lovely place, the people are friendly, so much to see, weather is great and of course some good food.



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