About Me


Hi I’m Leah nice to meet you if you have reached this far that means you landed safely into my world full of food and positive vibes. I have been blogging for about five years now, I started off because I loved fashion but it soon changed into a natural hair blog. I then became bored of hair (because I’m lazy with mine) and transitioned into a food, health and fitness freak.

” Planet Stylisoulstar is my world it is all about , doing what you love, sharing experiences and being your TRUE self unapologetically !!!

My MAIN squeeze is food, healthy eating is the key to success. I live for good food there is nothing better. I am on a journey to surround myself with nothing but positive vibes, good food and love!”

 I embarked on a new healthy lifestyle, I am now in my fourth year of my healthy lifestyle but I am two years into my vegan journey. I lost about 4.5 stone which took me from January 2013 to January 2014.


Healthy eating has also become a BIG part of my life I am living it and loving it!!

So I am going to share with you all my food and love inside this crazy world of mine show you how to eat real good food and live positively.

Be prepared for a mountain load of food, recipes and pictures  🙂



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Vicky Gayle says:

    Everyone should attempt to summarise themselves in this succinct way. It might help people understand themselves, never mind others getting the message! Enjoying your blog so far LB

  2. latoya lewis says:

    I follow you on Instagram, and your food always looks SO delicious and I’m so determined to learn how to cook nice foods this upcoming year so I’m so glad that you have a blog with your food recipes on it!! I swear your page just makes me wanna be a vegan so badly. Love the positive vibes. Xx

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