Jamaican Vegan Carrot Juice | 5 ingredients Recipe


So first all this carrot juice wasn’t even for me, as lovely as it is I whipped it up for the mr. It all started when I was throwing down some traditional caribbean food but my way of course. I got into the jamaican spirit and next thing you know there some sweet, creamy and aromatic carrot juice made. This really is simple and can be made in 5 to 10 mins so let me show you how to hook it up right now!

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Satay Tofu | 5 ingredient Recipe


Yes it’s that funny looking stuff that many turn their noses up at, but will happily eat what once was a living breathing thing. I admit it strange stuff but it is so versatile and a protein source, I have used it to make many things but I must say this is fave!! as a plant muncher it is easy to get hooked on this stuff because sometimes you want something a little more. I say moderation is your best friend as with any other food. tofu initially it can be a tricky thing to get right, i failed many a time in previous years. but now i can give you my fail proof recipe, when you get it RIGHT it’s so yummy and you will never turn your nose up at tofu again!

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Vegan Cinnamon Pecan Pie | Gluten Free Recipe



So it’s safe to say that summer has officially left us the fresher air is flowing, colourful leaves decorating the streets and plans of movies nights with lots of yummy foods are in play. Heating is on, thick socks and extra blankets have come out of hiding. It’s also that time where we get to cover up and conceal those food bellies. Indulge a little because food is pretty awesome in my opinion BUT LET’S NOT PIG OUT 🙂 . Autumn is that time where the flavours get deeper bursts of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg fill the air so here is my little gift to y’all, my take on a classic pecan pie with a twist…..

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Breakfast | Quinoa Porridge RECIPE!


So it’s official summer is sliding out and autumn is moon walking in. bring on the comforting foods that are warm, yummy and you just want to dive right into. of course i have your back with the answer to a delicious breakfast that is perfect for the colder days. It is filling, creamy, nutritious and very easy to make, also you can pimp it out how ever you like. I present to you Quinoa porridge, okay let’s drop some of the nutritional benefits first. Quinoa pronounced keen-wa ISN’T a grain but actually a seed, it is a complete protein that has all of the essential amino acids that we need. It is packed with protein, fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Pretty good stuff it will keep you full and fuel you nicely. Okay so enough of all that, let’s get to the important part the making and eating……

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