Broken Senses!!


One day I woke up and nothing was the same the room was spinning and I didn’t know where I was or who I was. Thoughts of the anger from the night before the throbbing and blocked feeling. What is happening? why is this happening? if only this didn’t happen?

The call for help to find some answers, but then being made to feel you had to be half dead to be helped or even support you. Being cast out with no solution just a piece of paper in exchange for a temporary fix. To be honest there is no such thing as a quick fix there is always the after math. The waiting, the helpless feeling, the unwanted release but yet it needed to happen embarrassing as it was. You reach back to where you was before with some idea but no idea of what is still in store for you. Time passes which feels like forever and a day, when will this end when will you be back to what you were before. You realise that you never go back, you simply move forward but think about the before. The mental part will always be faster than the action, because to think it requires less effort.

The experience, the situation, the never being the same again makes you realise you never even gave losing it a second thought. Never knowing what it would be like to lose something that was precious and just be gone is the blink of an eye. You can never turn back time but you can learn from it, adapt and be grateful that it could have been even worse.

Even though it may not be entirely clear what happened to me, the main point I was trying to make is things happen in life that you can not change.

You have to just learn from it adapt and move on!

The amount of effort you spend wishing and wanting you could be putting that energy into your future being.

The things that have happened try to accept them

The things that haven’t already happened make them HAPPEN!!