Happy 3rd Blog Day!!


Guess what y’all Planet Stylisoulstar (previously Stylisoulstar) is 3 years old today woooohooo my baby isn’t a baby any more, its time to explore that bit more and grow. I always had so many different things I like to talk about and do it’s so nice to have a place I can share them with you all. When I first started my Blog it was a place to put down all my thoughts,it then went on to document my natural hair journey and now is my main creative outlet. My Blog will keep evolving and I will evolve along with it. I have met some lovely people within the Blogging world and it has opened my eyes to a lot more out there.

I love to experiment, experience and explore so I can learn, have a story to tell and pass the knowledge on. I will keep being my crazy self and share my ventures with you, thanks to those that have supported me so far!! 🙂

Keep it moving keep on grooving!!