Gluten Free Flours!!


So by now y’all must know that I live to create and inspire so it is essential that I am equip with the right ingredients to get the perfect results. In my kitchen experiments when it comes to baking I have played around with different flours for my baked goods. My mission to bake not only vegan but also gluten free you could kind of say is virtually complete. I have four flours which I find so useful to have in kitchen so let me introduce you to my friends first up is……..
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Vegan Omelette!


For my fellow vegans out there or for those who just want an alternative this recipe is a great instead of a traditional egg omelette. Because chickpea flour is used this is still a great source of protein so it is giving you the nutritional benefits you need. This is also a cheaper omelette alternative as a bag of gram flour (chickpea flour) can last you a good while. So if you are interested in trying out this recipe then carry on reading below……

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