Quick Tips – Conditioner and Shampoo


Conditioner and shampoo are two very different products one lasts for ever but still can be a bit harsh and the other can be finished in a matter of weeks. So how do you combat these problems???

Never fear when LB from Planet Stylisoulstar is here :)…

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Home made Winter Deep conditioner!!

So its the Autumn/Winter time the temperature is slowly dropping and there is one thing on my mind MY HAIR!! Yes life is not just about hair but as with everything else in life that I want to achieve I have to put the hard work in.

This would be the description of my hair if written in the dictionary.

THE HAIR- She is dry and non porous frizzes up very easily and is VERY light and fluffy. She does what ever she feels and is a DIVA who demands something but when it is given to her she can easily refuse it. Continue reading