Random Vlog #3 – Health and Awareness!


So I made this random Vlog the other day whilst walking, I felt like talking about more serious matters. I really think we as young people and just even people need to start looking at things which are important.

People like to shy away from the serious stuff that requires you to educate yourself. Don’t just live how others tell you to think outside the box and equip yourself with the right knowledge so that you can be aware in life.

I like to talk about the material stuff don’t get me wrong but that is not all life is, it has very many layers that need to be peeled back. So in this video I have vaguely mentioned CANCER as I feel it is just becoming like the flu these days. I may go into that subject in more depth as I feel that it isn’t really talked about or explored properly. People need to know how to look after themselves and not just rely on the so-called health system to make them better.

Our bodies are not synthetic so why use synthetic drugs to cure??

Don’t live in a box or just run on the same treadmill as everyone else educate yourself and learn how to really take care of yourself!!!