OOTD’s – New Body Embrace!


Hey y’all did you miss me?! been a while I know I have been on Planet Stylisoulstar living good, eating good, playing good and having me some fun. I am shrinking in size but my life is getting bigger, I am loving my new body which is still under maintenance but doesn’t mean I can’t show it off in the meanwhile. I am slowly getting used to this smaller frame of mine, it has its good and bad points but loving that I can play around with different looks.

If you haven’t noticed I am very much into menswear and I love a bit of tight mixed with loose.

Denim – is one of my FAVES it is  so classic its cool, wears well also it can be made to look smarter fits perfectly with my style and never goes out of style.

Shirts – These can be either loose and baggy to add that comfy element or fitted with collar to add the sharpness.

Layering – I love to layer it adds some dimension and character to an outfit, also mixing fabrics and colours makes it much more fun.

Hope you likey the “FITS” as my friend would say and hopefully I can give you some fab ideas.

Embrace what you have and WORK IT!! 



Aztec/ Tribal Love!!


Yes I am a print lover especially Aztec or Tribal these prints were very big over the summer and will defo carry on into the Autumn and winter. I would have to say that both these prints have been over done and become a tiny bit typical, but I find that some pieces are quite timeless. I will still seek out some eye catching prints (or create my own) and rock them regardless.
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MY YouTube debut!!

O…M…G so I am finally making my videos, I have been itching to do these for agesssss I’m excited. See I am the type of person who may not do what they say they are going to straight away but I away get there in the end. So instead of just reading my blog you will now be able to see and hear me (great isn’t it).  I shall be talking about different topics anything I think you all would like to hear 🙂

Well tune in and watch me live and in colour hope you enjoy!!

If you want something then work towards it don’t give up and you will eventually get there.