Staple Hair Products (I hope so)

I thought it was about time I gave you a lil low down on my staple products at the moment. Even though I am still (6 months later) fine tuning my tried and true, I have already found a few gems that are here to stay.

Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather Sulphate Shampoo – This shampoo right here is the love of my life from the first time I touched her I knew she was going to be mine (yes I am still talking about shampoo).  This is my FAVE well my only shampoo I don’t think I can give this shampoo enough props. I’m telling you I have never used a shampoo that moisturises so much that you don’t need to follow up with a conditioner, detangles with a few strokes of my fingers and cleans my my hair without stripping. This shampoo does lather up quite a bit but I do like this as I feel my hair is getting a good clean. This shampoo which I have already done a review on I would reckon to any curly!

Denman Brush – THIS BRUSH IS A MUST believe it or not it defines your curls nicely with a few strokes. The best time to use this brush is when your hair is wet loaded with product. Hands down this beats the wide tooth comb any day.

Coconut Oil – I love me some coconut oil and ever since I got this BARGAIN of buy a tub get one for a penny at Holland & Barrett I was sold sold sold. The only things that put me off about this oil is that it is hard and you can’t really pour it. But as soon as it goes in your hand its melts instantly and it goes onto your hair nicely. Now if my research is correct most oils are made of BIG molecules so they just coat the hair and act as a barrier to lock in moisture? Coconut Oil the molecules are smaller so they can actually penetrate the hair which is bonus.

So for now the journey continues hopefully ill be back soon with more tried and trues!!!

Live it, try it, use it and don’t waste it!!