Random Vlog #4 – Weight Loss & Life Update!


Hey y’all got a little video on my weight loss journey and a few bits on life in 2013.

At the beginning of the year changes happened to me and I also decided to make some changes of my own. I am very proud of myself in how far I have come, there is still a long way to go but that is what makes it all exciting!

Whatever it is that you decide to do in life be persistent, passionate, consistent and just keep on going don’t give up!!!

The hustle, the grind and hard work never stops!!





Random Vlog #1&2 – Weight Loss and Health!!

Some of y’all may know that lil old me has dropped some pounds, at the beginning of the year I decided enough is enough and said good bye to my old lifestyle. Since then I have lost three and gained a lot of knowledge about food. I know what my body likes and responds to, I am still learning on what it needs to look its total best!!

I have just felt like talking to you all about some of my thoughts on my journey so far.

So take a look at the videos for my weight loss ramblings and hope you can join me on my wonderful journey 🙂