Your Time is NOW!!

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Hey y’all its that time of year where everyone is scurrying around buying the whole high street like the shops will never open again. It is also the time of year where people are about to stuff their faces and say they will work it off in the new year. It is also the time of year where the “2014 is my year” statements are made (how so..did you buy it?). Also the I am going to join the gym 1st January and back to the sofa on 1st February situation is about to happen!!

Now I am no way perfect or here to preach but what I am here to do is point out a few thangs. I won’t lie I have been subject to the new years resolutions crap but that was way back when….

Basically you are alive and living NOW so why not try to do something NOW, everyday you wake up you have the chance to change the game tomorrow is a brand new day!

If 2013 wasn’t a very good year for you then why would you wait till 2014 to make it better? End the year on a good note and say you know what 2013 wasn’t what I had hoped but I can learnt from from it and use it. Go into a new day with a positive head don’t put off your happiness till another time!

We are in no way perfect but how do we become better if you never make that change!!


Random Vlog #4 – Weight Loss & Life Update!


Hey y’all got a little video on my weight loss journey and a few bits on life in 2013.

At the beginning of the year changes happened to me and I also decided to make some changes of my own. I am very proud of myself in how far I have come, there is still a long way to go but that is what makes it all exciting!

Whatever it is that you decide to do in life be persistent, passionate, consistent and just keep on going don’t give up!!!

The hustle, the grind and hard work never stops!!




The Perfect Man!!


It’s funny how you can have it all mapped out in your head about what type of guy you would like to be with….his looks and how he would treat you. You may even come across someone who ticks all the boxes, the looks you like, things in common but still it’s not quite right.

Just know that the guy you end up with may not even be who you thought!! 

But there is another factor some women can expect their perfect guy to just pop up and have all these things to offer but what are they bringing to the picnic?

Now I am not saying that this is applies to all women but it definitely to quite a few out there.


Now lets not try to go all materialistic but you want him to have a hopes, dreams, ambition, job/career, drive, own place, take you out, make you laugh, comfort you, make you scream his name, understand you, not make you angry, don’t leave his socks on the floor, cook you breakfast in bed and put the toilet seat down.

Yes the list could go on but you see it started to sounds a bit much?

What you need to ask is what can you do for him? can you cook him breakfast , can you comfort him and can you make him scream your name. Basically if you are expecting a man to have the whole shebang make sure that you have things to offer also, don’t just think that you deserve them it is not a one way street.

My theory is to just do your thing, focus on yourself and being your best self, this means your open for the right guy to find you when the time is right!!


But some ladies please put away your spade and shovel you are not digging for gold!!!

I am not saying for you to not look but don’t try to pre plan that man you will find. If you keep searching for this made up man you have created in your head you will probably always be disappointed. I am also not saying  that it is not possible to find your perfect man I am just saying that your approach may be stopping the process.You don’t even need to let go of your morals because I believe the person your with needs to be on the same page as you. But don’t expect them to smell of roses all the time if you smell like cow doo doo! 

 As women we all have our check lists and probably even men, but to actually be happy and find someone special we need to put the focus elsewhere. Have you ever found something that you wasn’t even looking for?

That doesn’t mean settle for what comes your way, it simply means not to think things will be predictable and to know what you will get.

The truth is the man you put together on paper may not even be who you end up with, and those requirements may not even be right for you in the end.

My advice is to not look like you lost something, but put yourself out there, do your thing and make sure that you are being the best you can be before you expect a perfect man to come your way!

Search for the perfect YOU!!


Life’s Changes!!!

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Sometimes life changes with no warning and most of the time we automatically think it is the worst thing ever and that our world is going to end (that is if it is a bad situation). But sometimes it is simply life’s way of telling or making you change your direction or situation. Lets face it we are human and can be stuck in our ways, routines and habits. So if we are in a situation that isn’t right for us how do we get out if we don’t take action ourselves. Life tends to do it for you it picks you up and drops you into the UNKNOWN. Why might you ask well how else will we learn or experience new things if we get stuck in convenience and repetitive situations.


The unknown can be quite a minor thing or quite drastic but either way it’s just as alien. What is important is to assess the situation and see how you can move forward. It does depend on your situation if you lose your job maybe that isn’t where you are supposed be. You may of just gained a certain skill that you can use later in a future position. So work with that don’t waste time try to be somewhere you are supposed and want to be. If it’s a break up yes you can feel like your arm dropped off, but as sad and hurtful as it is you obviously wasn’t meant to be with that person. You was meant to experience loving and caring for someone to prepare you for the real deal maybe. Concentrate on yourself don’t put yourself down try to find yourself and be a better and stronger person.


Basically both examples are showing you that you take experience and skills from each for you to grown and learn. So that you can be a better or even different person in your future encounters.

Change can feel good or bad but change is what builds us and takes us to the next level.

I know it can hurt or be total bliss but embrace change because it happening for a reason.

You might not always get what you expected but you always get experience, strength and knowledge!!


Meaning of Your Life!

life status

In life some of us base our social status/place in life by what job you have, how much money you earn, how many cars and how big your house is. Also the main focus seems to be on what we don’t have instead of what we do have.

But what about self-worth and life meaning??

The words SELF WORTH say it all it’s about YOU as a person not you as a person with certain things added on. What you have to offer and contribute to your own life through just being your true self. You weren’t born with a pocket full of Benjamin’s, a wardrobe full of red bottoms and 6 bedroom house. You was born with a heart and mind which is capable of loving, caring, to make other smile and support others. You were also born into a family may it be big or small and yes you can’t always rely on family 100% but my point is you have them already. They are there to love you and support you!!

So when will people realise that the precious, valuable and priceless things you already have inside you and around you. You can’t go to the store and buy them!

Lets talk about money!


Money is an outside influence which can change people, cause arguments and even make people forget about morals and values. Money is an exchange for something else, so one material for in exchange for something else material. This to me is a temporary feeling, like when you buy a new pair of shoes you can’t wait to wear them but then after a while the novelty has worn off.  But something like love can be a lasting powerful feeling, yes it can wear off but not in my eyes true love doesn’t weaken.

You can’t buy love, trust, honesty and loyalty so why do you need money to make you feel good?

Now I am not saying that we don’t need money because we do and if I suddenly I was a millionaire of course I would take the money. Money does make life easier as we all know, but it doesn’t make life happier or fulfilling. Convenience isn’t always the best route and doesn’t have the best outcomes.


So what about the whole job/work/career/business aspect, now yes we see the place we get out income from as VALUABLE because it pays the bills and you are part of a business. The main point of working is to earn money so you can live also we do need something to do with our time.

But don’t let your job or having no job define you as a person!!!

Yes it can mess with how we feel as a person you may have a job where you feel you are not in a high enough position. You may have a job where your one of the people with power, or you may not even be working. Yes people get enjoyment out of their jobs/businesses and most of the times if you own your own business you are probably a lot happier than working for someone else. But what you have to remember is yes we all need to work in some shape or form but we are more than just money.

We are somebody’s daughter, son, mother, father and we can contribute to our own and others lives by realising that you are very valuable already.  You have a lot to give in your life aside from work and there is more to life to appreciate and enjoy.

My whole point I am trying to make is that don’t let money define you as a person let it help you and support you to enhance what you already have.

Don’t let money be the only reason you smile!!

Don’t let the world consume you and take away from you being yourself.

Also don’t get wrapped up into it and don’t end up not having time for your loved ones.

Remember money comes and money goes!