Happy 2013 and Hair Update!!

IMAG1639_picbeauty_Dec 13 2012 pm 12 51 Happy 2013 yall (yes I know im two weeks late) if your reading this that means you made it to another year and with the right attitude and hard work it can be a FANTABULOUS year. 🙂

There are a lot of things I want to achieve this year a big must is to get myself on a plane and go have me some FUN FUN FUN.
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Transitioning is no joke and for you ladies who are on that journey you know how hard it is to be caught between two places CURLY GROWTH Vs STRAIGHT ENDS!!! Believe me the straight end look is not cute but there are many ways to over come that. I think whether you BC (big chop) or transition its just as hard as you are getting to know your natural hair.

Me going natural was never on purpose so I kind of accidently transitioned for about 7 months (I think). I then decided to wear my hair au natural no heat what so ever. Now as most of my hair curls and then I have those straight ends lurking, all I want to do is chop them off. But I stay strong and I find ways to make them look like the rest of my hair.
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