Life’s Changes!!!

life status

Sometimes life changes with no warning and most of the time we automatically think it is the worst thing ever and that our world is going to end (that is if it is a bad situation). But sometimes it is simply life’s way of telling or making you change your direction or situation. Lets face it we are human and can be stuck in our ways, routines and habits. So if we are in a situation that isn’t right for us how do we get out if we don’t take action ourselves. Life tends to do it for you it picks you up and drops you into the UNKNOWN. Why might you ask well how else will we learn or experience new things if we get stuck in convenience and repetitive situations.


The unknown can be quite a minor thing or quite drastic but either way it’s just as alien. What is important is to assess the situation and see how you can move forward. It does depend on your situation if you lose your job maybe that isn’t where you are supposed be. You may of just gained a certain skill that you can use later in a future position. So work with that don’t waste time try to be somewhere you are supposed and want to be.┬áIf it’s a break up yes you can feel like your arm dropped off, but as sad and hurtful as it is you obviously wasn’t meant to be with that person. You was meant to experience loving and caring for someone to prepare you for the real deal maybe. Concentrate on yourself don’t put yourself down try to find yourself and be a better and stronger person.


Basically both examples are showing you that you take experience and skills from each for you to grown and learn. So that you can be a better or even different person in your future encounters.

Change can feel good or bad but change is what builds us and takes us to the next level.

I know it can hurt or be total bliss but embrace change because it happening for a reason.

You might not always get what you expected but you always get experience, strength and knowledge!!