Happy 5th Blog Day!!


First of all WOW can not believe that Planet Stylisoulstar is 5 years young, I know I will probably say that every time she gets a year older but it is absolute madness!!

I am so happy to be sitting here writing this blog day post, because it proves that I can actually achieve great things and it documents my progress in life on a whole. The transition from five years ago till now is so amazing, my life has changed dramatically and so have I. Not only do I think, feel and LOOK different the things I want in life have also changed. No matter what my blog has always given me the freedom to be myself and share the topics I feel to.

I appreciate the love and support over the years from anyone who follows,reads, asks how it’s going or kicked me to post more..

PLANET STYLISOULSTAR is my world and everything in it so I will continue to spread the positive vibes and of course good food 🙂

In celebration of this 5 years I will be giving Planet Stylisoulstar the make over she deserves I gave myself a big one so its only right she gets one too.

So keep your eyes open for new page layout and logo 🙂

Until then I will  keep doing my THANG!!

“Don’t just live in your world…. own it”



Happy 3rd Blog Day!!


Guess what y’all Planet Stylisoulstar (previously Stylisoulstar) is 3 years old today woooohooo my baby isn’t a baby any more, its time to explore that bit more and grow. I always had so many different things I like to talk about and do it’s so nice to have a place I can share them with you all. When I first started my Blog it was a place to put down all my thoughts,it then went on to document my natural hair journey and now is my main creative outlet. My Blog will keep evolving and I will evolve along with it. I have met some lovely people within the Blogging world and it has opened my eyes to a lot more out there.

I love to experiment, experience and explore so I can learn, have a story to tell and pass the knowledge on. I will keep being my crazy self and share my ventures with you, thanks to those that have supported me so far!! 🙂

Keep it moving keep on grooving!!